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Not really feeling like Massdrop is dropping anything really good these days :(

I feel like its all kilmit and sock products for months now. would love to see some more well thought useful items on here!
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Part of the problem is ultralight is inherently self limiting. You only need to buy 15 things and there really is a best of each version
tent - here is where they haven't had anything interesting. Partnering with six moons or tarp tent would be nice. The zpacks duplex was nice but not enough discount and a high price to get mass adoption
Bag - they gor this covered with the EE massdrop X Pad - covered with Klymit and Termarest paxk - covered for most users with Circuit Stove / pot - they do a ton with lots of options Poles - covered with the fizzand light - lots of good options Socks - lots of good options
rain gear- The OR stuff is covered Isulating layer - could be improved. wind shirt - massdrop x has it covered
so you can easily put together a mid priced UL kit at a good price using a top 5 choice in every category but tent.
the problem is that backpacking is a low consumption activity so once you have the above their is not much left to buy.
Totally blows then huh. It’s an impulsive shopping experience.
Massdrop seems to mainly focus on a select set of companies.
there are 100's of polls and some terrific ones, i don't need to start a poll because almost all is already polled. but for months now all i see if the same items over and over again :P
I make requests, but never see the item
Same stuff over and over again
Have you been proactive and started any polls on items you would like?