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Sweeping Solar?

Never been a fan of quartz watches. The one second ticks give me ticks... But I have seen a few quartz watches with a "sweeping" seconds hand. The Maratac Quartz Pilot comes to mind. Has anyone ever seen a solar powered sweeping quartz watch? I'd love to know if one exists. I just picked up this Eco-Drive two hander in the meantime.
Yaroslav Bagay

This post led me to do a little research. You listed a Maratac watch as implementing a sweeping seconds hand; other places I've seen it are the Bulova Precisionist line and watches implementing the higher end Seiko Spring Drive system (I'm sure other sweeping quartz watches exist, I'm just not familiar with them). I also stumbled across Seiko's interesting "Mecaquartz" system, which appears to combine a quartz and an automatic movement in a chronograph.
To address your question about solar sweeping movements, in my brief search I wasn't able to find any current ones, although I did discover the (sparsely documented) Citizen Eco-Drive Duo, which appears to combine solar and sweeping functionality.
EDIT: I found this somewhat informative article about the Eco-Drive Duo, popping it into Google Translate gives a decent idea of what it's saying: http://www.citizenmania.it/tecnologia/eco-drive-duo-e-la-storia-della-tecnologia-eco-drive/
Perhaps someone else has some knowledge on the subject?
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Alright, so basically we need a solar or kinetic powered Bulova Precisionist. Problem solved. Who wants to start a Kickstarter ;)
Bulova is held by Citizen which has ecodrive tech, so the company that can do it already has it for both but likely won't mix the two.
Very clean and elegantly spare dial. The lack of a second hand eliminates the non-sweep hand problem. However, It appears that the hour markers and vertical bars seem misaligned, particularly at the 1:00 and 6:00 positions.