Jan 13, 2018

Advice needed! Looking for new watch

Hey all,
I could use some advice about a watch purchase that I would like to make in the upcoming weeks or months. I would say that my collection is fairly amateur, but I have read many forums and understand watches fairly well.
I want to ask the group what peoples' favorite watch brands are that are know for: longevity, maintain value fairly well, accurate (timekeeping), and stylish. I understand that this is very subjective, but curious to hear what people think. Looking for mid to upper brand, as I own a couple Seiko's and similar-level brands.
Thanks in advance!

You are going to get so many different answers to that question. To be honest, at the end of the day you have to choose a watch that moves you in some way. I LOVE all of the watches I own so I can’t just tell you one brand. Seiko fits every one of your criteria and you are already familiar with the brand. Don’t sell them short, check out the spring drives or the reintroduction of the 62Mas. I own 13 or 14 Seiko watches. Look at Dievas, Oris, Shinola, Evant, Omega, Tissot, Glycine, Zenith, Rolex, IWC, too many to list my friend.
Yes, I can understand that my question is probably too broad. I also plan on getting a Seiko Presage cocktail because I am infatuated with those as well. Oris, IWC, and Shinola I really like as well, but those are all on different price levels.