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Sinn 856.020

Just won an ebay listing for this incredible piece of horology history. Mouth is watering while I wait for it's arrival... this may become my day to day favorite!
Anyone have experience with this beauty? Everything I've read about it indicates that the combination of the German craftmanship, ETA 2893-2 along with the incredible toughness of the tegimented stainless steel from the hull of a submarine makes it virtually indestructible.
Love to see some Sinn gear on MD! Anyone else wanna raise a din for it with me?

camaro118, c0rnelius, and 3 others

Well... here it is... on my wrist and ticking. Sinn 856.020 UTC S.
Maybe one of the coolest aircraft/pilot themed watches I've ever seen... and now own! Super easy to adjust the bracelet... super solid feeling link screws! Never felt like there was even a hint they would strip!
This is a gem for sure! enjoy!
Nice! I like those BIG numerals. I'm partial to the 556 and 556 A, as well as the 104.
I wonder if it's even possible, the only retail outlet in the US is Watchbuys.
Nice! Hope it is everything you want it to be when it arrives.
I'd be very very interested in a Sinn if they ever showed up on Massdrop. IDK what the likelihood may be, but it cannot hurt to see what comes of it.
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I actually prefer yours to the U1, you scored an awesome watch!
Many thanks... can't wait to see it!