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They paid attention with the reissue of the Orient Defender

This watch really has a lot of attractive attributes, and in my opinion, is one of the more harmonious blends of a day function dial. My only quips with this guy is the hands look a tad on the small side, and I think it would be fitting for slightly beefier crown.
Cheers gang
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If I may further clarify, Orient was purchased in 2009 by Seiko/Epson (which is itself under the greater Seiko Holdings Corp. umbrella) with little change between then and the announcement last year of Orient being absorbed into Epson completely. Here is the official press release from a year ago:
Recent posts in the WatchUSeek Orient forums indicate that at least for the foreseeable future, aside from some likely model and parts serial number restructuring, and having “EPSON” stamped on the case back (which are already in the wild), OrientUSA is not expecting any big changes anytime soon.
I hope this this helps render some more clarity on the direction of the brand.
cheers people
I’m thinking of pulling the trigger but I just don’t know that company that well, Orient. I’ll do somemore research. Anybody got comments on Orient watches?
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Orient is currently a brand of Seiko. Previously it was a subsidiary of Seiko-Epson, and before that it was an independent company. On April 1 last year the Orient corporate entity was dissolved, and the company was absorbed into Seiko. I'm not sure to what extent the Orient employees and facilities are separate from the Seiko employees and facilities. I suspect that they began a certain amount of consolidation after the initial acquisition, and I suspect that the dissolution of the company itself portends much more consolidation. Orient has always designed and manufactured its own movments. Will that continue? It seem unlikely in the medium to long run.
Thanks for info , love learning about brands and time pieces!
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Agreed..... they were strange and quirky enough to make them stand out. I thought they were fun ads
There aren't that many watch ads on TV are there? I get a lot of targeted ads for watches online...no surprise there!
Not very familiar with Orient guys! I didn’t pull the trigger because of all QC issues I have read about with other models on MD. Vintage1982Benz I’m with you I will order another Seiko!
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Very cool. I have a special liking for the elusive white model: SNM031/009
Yes that is a fantastic model. I would love to have it.
hmmm I look at it and I swear the dial is a bit twisted to the right. Maybe an optical illusion because of everything on the dial but I look at the 30 marker at the bottom and it does not look like it is exactly in the middle of the lugs. Nor does the 60 at the top. Anyone else see this or have I become a certifiable WiS now? lol
It does look that way.
Even kinda hard to tell in this video walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF4zxl8NVIo
I agree.
Attractive watch , usually I'm miffed w white date wheels on black faced watches but there is enough white pop all over this guy that it doesn't distract.
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That's me!
I almost ordered the navy dial yesterday and went with another Seiko instead. The price point on this one makes it really really appealing.