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Kinesis Advantage PBT Keycaps

EDIT: I'm not longer planning on doing this. Feel free to leave interest here in case someone else wants to pick this up. I bought Ducky PBT double-shots and they've been great. Some tips if you do the same:
Use the ]} for the 3# key so it's the right profile. Likewise, use the KP8 key for 8* instead of the 8* key. Use alt/ctrl/win as the modifier keys on the left and right. Use KPenter and KP0 for the thumb buttons. Ask mechanicalkeyboards.com (where I bought my keys) for an extra KPenter/KP0 if you order from them, they were able to help me out with that for an extra $5. I decided to leave some keys properly labeled rather than have them be mislabeled and PBT. I don't know of where to get tall PBTs, so those are still OEM.
Here's what mine looks like:


Hey all,
I'm just gauging interest here for now, but how many of you would be interested in buying a PBT Keycap set from Signature Plastics? The price would likely be ~$100 plus or minus depending on # of buyers.
ltopper, ka_fox, and 8 others

I'm personally putting SA caps into my kinesis. I know I will have to dremmel some of the case away, but I'm ok with that.
For anyone following along, I'm not planning on doing this. See the edited post for what I ended up doing. Thanks all for your interest!
me too.
I'm interested in this too!!
I'm interested in this
I'm interested in this if it ever goes ahead
Hey signed up to Massdrop just to say I'm interested! How long do you think it's going to take to get enough people to place an order? I'm sure plenty of people are interested in this.
I actually ordered a set of Ducky Doubleshot PBT caps. They cover most of the keys. It's not perfect, but I don't think I was going to be able to get a perfect SP set either, so I think this is as good as it's going to get. Unless someone else wants to take this over, I'd say it's dead. Sorry!
Sign me up! I have older Advantage (before they changed the rubber function keys) that I'm having made hot-swappable and switching to Box Navy. I'd LOVE to have better keycaps. Is there any chance we could get a Dvorak legend as well? It's more important for something like the Kinesis Advantage because the caps are sculpted.
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Could blanks be an option, then?
Yes, blanks would be fine I believe. I don't know what the cost difference would be if any yet.
Just as an update, if we were to do a 3 color Dolsch set, the price would be around $165+shipping if we only got 10 and $107+shipping if we could get up to 25 sets.
Also, the tall keys (thumb modifiers) cannot be sublimated, so those would be blank. Definitely not ideal :/
This may be pretty old but I'd be interested if this ever happens.
i would be interested!
Depends on the profile! I love the Advantage and have been wanting a GMK double-shot ABS set for while!
I tried DSA and wasn't a big fan having to reach extra for that numkeys and SA doesn't fit without hacking your case :/
Now If you could do a DCS with DSA home-row...
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DCS Doesn't get much love but think they have the proper molds for the Kinesis profile including the sloped 2u thumb caps and the exxxtra tall mods on the thumb cluster.
Whether they can do that in PBT is another matter.
So it turns out they have R5 DCS, but they cannot sublimate them, so those would be the only blank keys on they keyboard :/
I would totally buy three sets, depending on the colorway. I love my advantages, but I am getting a little tired of the black and blue :)
I assume you want them to produce the same profiles.
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Yep, that's what I was thinking. Custom keys add a small amount of cost to all sets, but if everyone is cool with it I'm sure we can handle a couple custom keys per. I'm planning to add some of my own.
Given that they aren't doubleshot, shouldn't be a huge issue
Any chance you are still planning on doing this?
I would, but there hasn't been much interest so far. I asked Kinesis if they'd be willing to sell the caps on their store and they said no. I wouldn't want to be left with a thousand dollars worth of keycaps :) I haven't posted on other forums yet, so that's a possibility too.
I would be interested. Would they have the same ergonomic profile?
Yes, that would be the goal. I don't want to give anything up there. The only ones that may be tricky are the two tall thumb cluster caps on either side, but SA profile row 3 caps are pretty similar in height, so that may work fine.