Jan 20, 2018

Who would be interested in a pocket watch drop?

I don't really know how to go about initiating this talk other than this.

There was an Orient pocketwatch on Massdrop not too long ago. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/orient-epoch-mechanical-pocket-watch What other modern pocketwatches are out there? I know Tissot has one.
Horology as whole is an interest to me, and pocket watches fall well within the realm. Consider posting a poll for a drop to gauge interest and scope of the desire. Pocket watches are an amazing and emotional connection to a time of sincerity and gentlemanly qualities that many feel are a time since past. I've a feeling that more than a few around here would show at least some interest. Again, consider a poll, and see what develops.
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On Hodinkee there is a Friday Live discussion about the future of smartwatches and incidentally pocketwatches. A commenter asked whether smartwatches could replace smartphone, much like wrist watches replaced pocket watches. So if wrist watches are displaced on wrists of watch wearers, will enthusiasts turn to pocketwatches?
Or smartphones will become the size of pocket watches.
Here is a pre-distressed pocket watches that a recent drop led me to: