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Mac mechanical keyboard?

I’ve started learning programming on my Mac and Apple keyboard is not easy for this purpose.. can someone recommend good mechanical keyboard that will be good for programming (includes the num pad) and also includes the Mac special keys?

One of my personal heroes in software development (who is a fantastic developer who works in Vi) uses an Apple Magic Keyboard 2. The keyboard is certainly capable– if you find it doesn't suit your preferences that is another issue.
it's an OK keyboard, bets some plastic $10 board you use to get with a economy (office) PC, but I don't like how the arrow keys are getting smaller these days. Which is a different topic all together, maybe I'll break that out into it's own topic...
What are you programing in? Language, IDE, are you Emacs or vi? Did Han shoot first?
If you want an ortholinear layout with a numerical keypad, I recommend building your own. That's what I am in the process of doing, handwired with a Teensy and this layout:
All white keys are standard 104-key size (and standard row if you use QWERTY). The 4 yellow keys are different size. The blue key is additional. The 3 green keys are an optional split of a standard 6.25 spacebar.
I actually find the the keyboards fine, i'm really use to doing option-shift-right or left to select words and what not. As for mechanical, I prefer anything planck based, then I reprogram it to fit my needs, like add space cadet shift for programing needs. I never use a number pad, it's a waste, but many you have a lot of numbers to type.
QMK supports fixed and dynamic macros, those are really cool for programing. Also mouse support so you can get access to the mouse button which I find useful for positioning the mouse button and then rapidly hitting the mouse button from the keyboard every time a popup opens while running something in a loop. As for stock keyboards, once you plug it in to the computer, you can go to the keyboard preference panel and move around the command and option keys, also dump the caps lock in favor of control.
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No, it's an XD75 in a wooden case, same software though. I went backwards with it, I got a 60% case with no plan, then found (by luck) that there was a orthogonal board that mostly fit it. I only have about half the screws holding the thing down but it seams to work. The board has "hot swappable" switch mounts, which I was afraid would mean the switches would wiggle out. So far it's been a great board, I have way more keys then I know what do do with.
Sorry for my mistake, I edited my original comment. I was typing with my preonic and was thinking about my plan to make another planck, so maybe I confused at that time. And thank you very much for your detailed explanation of marshmallow keys. I'll try them someday. Your keyboard and comment inspired me a lot, very helpful.
(I send a apology to dvorcol, too. Sorry for making you confuse. Have great weekends.)