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Music Section?

I Really wish Massdrop could get a music sections with all types of instruments and accessories.
Terriannb, MAJergens, and 12 others

Agreed. Audiophile is great for music listening, but isn't really appropriate for music production
Agreed. Musical equipment gets so expensive sometimes that it would be great to have a place to get it at a discount
I concur! I'd love to see Drums, particularly snare drums and cymbals included. I believe there's a growing interest in those two items with drummers and percussionists.
YES PLEASE, I agree. There's a lot of great equipment out there that isn't available in my country (india), and massdrop has helped change that a lot for me, a lot of people would be into buying instruments here.
Me too...
I agree, it'd also be nice to have digital music instrument stuff (pickups, midi converters and the like), as well as maybe effects pedals or something
Yeah we need
They have guitars and accessories from time to time in the audiophile category, but it would be nice to see maybe some percussion and wind instruments make it on the site too.