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What are you planning to buy in 2018?

Hitting the ground running, we’re already three weeks into 2018. I always tend to do my “spring” cleaning around this time of the year; planning what are some new pieces that i’m thinking of picking up to switch up my look for the year and what key pieces would be nice to revisit buying this year.
Been meaning to start this thread as an on-going way for us to bounce off ideas and seeing what folks are interested in — whether that’s higher end pieces or more casual streetwear or even just solid quality staples.
What’s on your guys’ “shopping list” for 2018? Personally, I’m looking to a nice mid-weight deconstructed blazer to wear both casually and a bit more dressed up. Also a new pair of suede brogues (definitely been really impressed and eyeing the Nico Nerinis we have on the site right now) would be nice to switch up from wearing monochromatic comfy sneakers.
Would love to hear from everyone else: what are some items you’d like to pick up in the near future? or even what are some pieces you’ve grabbed recently that you’re enjoying into the new year?
Mark M., Matt.T, and 7 others

Looking at adding a leather moto jacket to my wardrobe. Also a long dark colored trench coat.
Hanleys, untucked shirts, superior socks, chinos, to name a few.
Chunky cardigan, lightweight trench coat, heavy and lighter-weight wool trousers, white denim, merino sweater (I missed out on the Spier & Mackay drops), and a few things coming up we can't talk about.