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SIHH 2018

Well, it's come and gone for 2018.... Did anyone see anything that piqued interest? Me personally, now that Montblanc has officially released the new Timewalker Manufacture Chronograph, I feel it was quite well executed:
A nice looking piece, and certainly reminds me of last years Omega Speedy Tuesday release.

I also liked the idea behind the new Panerai Luminor Logo models, which come in at a very nice price point (for a PAM anyway). I must say though, the prominent logo on the dial will take some getting used to

Did anyone else see anything fun? Of course, with Basel 2018 waiting in the shadows, I am really anticipating what little gems will be reveled in March.
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That Montblanc = drooling. That is all.
It reminds me of the Paul Newman Daytona.
Very much. The bezel reminds me of a mix between the Paul Newman and an Oris Artix GT, even the large crown is like the Oris. And- the brown strap with the cream dial is genious, I might have to steal that.
One final Cartier -- if you didn't see a video of what that Panther watch does, you really should...
Revelation D'une Panthere
That montblanc would have been nicer with a bubble dome sapphire given its vintage inspired look.
Speaking of PAMs, they have their "Year of Dog" release for the upcoming Lunar Year of Dog. I first saw this in SIngapore when I was vacationing over Christmas.

Re: the Montblanc, a domed crystal would look reallllly nice. But- the Paul Newman Daytona, which I think it's *clearly* based on, err, "inspired by," also had a flat crystal. Stealing is the sincerest form of flattery, etc.
Cartier doesn't often come up around here. The Drive de Cartier in steel is my favorite of the updated models. The Santos is a little too much metal for me, and I'd just as rather have a Tank. The Crash is a fantastic design too.
Here's a Hodinkee medley of SIHH Cartier releases: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/first-take-sihh-2018-cartier-santos-drive-tank
Cartier Drive de Cartier Extra Flat
I like the Polaris auto and date, but its a shame IMO that the limited edition Memovox model is the only one with the mechanical alarm.
For me, probably one of the most exciting developments (if not THE most), was the technology Ressence is showcasing with the Type 2 eCrown. Though the Ressence ROCS movement and orbital dial is cool, it's the eCrown that I hope might find it's way into future watch development. The eCrown, which was developed with input from Tony Fadell (founder of NEST and project head for the iPod) works as a component that once you set your mechanical watch, you will not have to ever set it again, regardless of time zone, as it will adjust it self automatically or can be set via a smartphone app. I think an innovation like this could potentially open up the desires of people who may have never considered mechanical watches, and could be good for the segment as a whole. Again, the watch is pretty cool (I've test driven a Ressence before), but the eCrown tech is special, and I hope more than a one trick pony.
Finally, a review and explanation of the tech magic behind the E-Crown, courtesy of Hodinkee.
Again, I think this would be an awesome trickle down, and hope other brands grab on. Too many people I feel are turned off by the idea that "I have to wind or set it?" True story: Last year I gifted a friend his very first automatic watch, and he thought after three days something was wrong with the watch, as it was losing time, and then he had to reset the time and date. This guy is a sharp professional, but had always had quartz (Very nice ones too), and the whole idea of needing to set the piece was alien at the time. Imagine if the E-crown tech was offered in pieces that were more approachable for more consumers financially?
I'm stepping off the box now, Happy Hump Day people!
That ALS is an absolute monster, and nothing less of what to expect from the brand now.
Also, just wanted to get peoples' thoughts on the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept watch; it most likely will never hit production but I think it's amazing as far as technology and pushing the limit goes. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/piaget-altiplano-ultimate-concept-watch-hands-on
Panerai's 38 mm Luminor is sure going to change some peoples' minds about the brand. That being said, the leather choices that it comes with seem to show that Panerai thinks about it as a women's watch only.
Yeah, a band change would certainly be in order.
The highlight for me, ALS Triple Split.
I liked the simplicity of the Montblanc 1858 Automatic, although I have begun to wonder how long this faux vintage trend will continue. The 40 mm sizing is appreciated as are the bronze bezel and crown.
I have found that I enjoy wearing a couple of my time only pieces. The simplicity of hand winding, setting the time and strapping it on is great for a day to day. No worries about a date window, avoiding hands between between 9 and 3 when setting, etc etc.
A 38mm Panerai? I've always found these watches handsome but never given any serious thought or consideration due to the case sizes. This one at least gave me pause and a "hmmmm, what if..." that I've never experienced with the brand.
Jaeger-LeCoultre has been grabbing my attention a lot lately. The Polaris automatic and the Polaris date are both gorgeous, IMO, particularly in this blue on brown combo.

The if I had a million dollars award for me goes to the Laurent Ferrier Annual Calendar from the show. Such a cool complication and movement.
The watch that interested me the most has to be the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 'Homage To Walter Lange'. The dual seconds on the watch is the coolest, albeit pointless, complication.
Didn't even know it had passed! (or what it was until now for that matter ;)) Thank you for opening my eyes!
This is...something else.

SIHH major sponsor is the Richemont Group, and it is definately geared towards haute' horlogerie, but they have released some cool pieces over the years.
Cheers man
You know... I have always opined that some brands are watchmakers trying to market their watches as jewellery and some brands are jewellers trying to market their jewellery as watches.. Yes Cartier has a very rich history in watchmaking, but nowadays I walk in their store I see a jewellery shop.. well it was 2 years ago since I walked into one though.. =)