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What's YOUR Grail?

I always like to ask this of people who are interested in watches. Billion dollar lottery, no debt, no worry (already sounds like a grail to me). What would you get?


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I won't say grail but on i really want is the A.Lange & Sohne 1815 platinum
Call me unsophisticated, but i've searched high and low for a digital watch that doesn't have the sportswear vibe. I just want a nice women's digital watch with the basic functionality of dates/alarms ect and a nice strap. I dont want a smart watch i have to charge every 10 hours. I just want to look nice when i wear my digital watch. >:
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Wow!! Looks great and congrats on the buy! I like the bold digits in contrast to other brands smaller digital displays.

Wear it in good health and spirit
Thanks! Thats also what sort of drew me in. They had a negative display version but the watch itself was much bigger and the screen was perfectly square rather than the rounded edges and just looked and bit off to me.
I got to try on a couple “grail” watches at a local jeweler - it’s nice to have a friend that works there 😏

Here are a few I tried on:
- Breitling Heritage Superocean II
- IWC Portofino hand-wound and more

Any standouts?
I feel like these were the top 3 IMO:
1. SuperOcean II 42mm - the 46mm was just a little too large for my wrist. My friend (the jeweler) made a tough argument on a Tudor dive watch, since they are quite similar, but I like the face on the Breitling more.
2. Rolex Datejust 41mm blue dial w/fluted bezel (no pictured). I didn't go in thinking I would love a Rolex, but that one was really desirable and a great everyday kind of watch.
3. IWC Portofino hand-wound - that watch is just really classy and haven't owned a hand-wound watch before.
I seem to have more grails than I thought. I'm a sucker for vintage chronos, so here are a few that would be joining the collection:
- Universal Geneve Tri-Compax 'Nina Rindt,' or Evil Nina; also an 'Eric Clapton' or Evil Clapton
- Heuer Autavia 'Jochen Rindt'

These are all in the $20k+ club now (for pristine examples) so yes, I know I'd be spending large amounts on similar watches. I don't care, I like them. I think that's what 'F_You' money is for.
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"I seem to have more grails than I thought." Man, if that isn't the truest statement I've heard in a while.

My brother will ask me time to time what I'm buying next. My usual response is a deep sigh as I realize how many grails I have.
Yes, I've looked at DH watches before. The vintage style does appeal- but if I have the money, I'll go for the original. (For example, my list would include a Super Compressor diver, a UG gold chrono, the Autavia(s), etc). At one point a while back I was looking at the DH 1939, I went for an Undone mecha-quartz chrono instead. The movement and (mostly) the customization won me over.
I guess my 'every day grail' would be a vintage Universal Geneve Tri-Compax with moon phase in gold. At that level I could hopefully acquire one in impeccable condition.
This one would truly require winning the lotto. Breguet Marine Équation Marchante 5887 (https://marine.breguet.com/) I generally don't go for over-complicated watches, but knowing what it does with a mechanical movement won me over. That, and the fact that it's Breguet's most sophisticated movement (at least in that line). Perpetual calendar, plus tourbillion, plus Equation of Time- WOW, even for Breguet. Doesn't hurt that it's gorgeous (at least in my book); I can see why it's been called "kinetic poetry." That usually would be marketing B.S., but in this case there's some justification. (or maybe I'm just swooning)
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The watch deserves more love then it gets.
Not just you, but the B&M looks more oval. Very similar indeed though
Patek 5959 split second chronograph in 18K
Excellent choice, split second chronograph's are incredible. I think I'd much prefer a rattrapante over a minute repeater or a tourbillon, or even a perpetual for that matter.
Holy grail (from Merriam-Webster, second definition): an object or goal that is sought after for its great significance

Is a grail something that is perpetually sought-after, maybe never to be had? Or is it the realistic end piece, or the one that curbs your collecting? Or is it a fluctuating desire-- the watch, whichever one at the top of your list at the moment-- the one that demands your attention most?

Is it more fun to keep a list of dreams or a checklist of things to be eventually acquired? Seems that both, yes, and all of the above are probably true, though everyone is different.

For me, I think a grail watch would be the watch that is the pinnacle of a category in my own collection. Finding the "last __dive, dress, sport, field, etc__ watch" is my ultimate grail.
I've got a few, Comex Sub and an Oman dialed Day-Date would be my Rolex Grails.
But above all is the Vacheron Constantin 222:

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