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Bring the Kershaw Link/Dividend M390 to massdrop?

So I noticed that in the Rike knife drop with 154CM steel, a lot of people are ranting that 154CM is not "good enough" to justify the price point. Although steel is not everything about a knife, it seems that for many it is really the most important factor. This reminds me of last year kershaw made a batch of Link and Dividend in M390 for $80, if massdrop can work with Kershaw and bring the limited run back, I'd say it is going to be a huge hit. And other base models will be good too, I'd totally like a Blur or Cryo with M390 or S110V
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If there was a way to work the design without speed safe, on bearings, with a frame lock maybe. I wouldn't care about high end steel, maybe vg10 or the something comparable, and have a CF or Ti presentation side scale.... I love the design enough that I bought a blue scaled one in 440hc just because the looks and feel. Super comfortable in hand and great blade profile.
I agree Concierge with m390 would be amazing
Yes! Take my money!
I'd rather see an M390 Gent and Crux to be honest, that would blow the living piss out of the Link and Dividend.
Though the Kershaws would win on price, and they sort of target an entirely different use profile, they're more like a nice budget knife with supersteel rather than a really top shelf midrange knife that is right at home as a user.
I'd buy it in a heartbeat
House of Blades has an exclusive on the Kershaw Link with S35VN in red or blue.
Any more thoughts on this possibility?
I was able to snag a dividend in M390 and it is an absolute gem of a knife!! It's so thin and easy to carry and the blade/handle ratio is awesome. The blade is as long as my Para 2 but the knife is MUCH smaller in the pocket. Despite not being meant for heavy duty use like a Para 2, it feels really solid and is easily and EDC do it all knife. The M390 is just a bonus. A really nice bonus.
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Simply because I would want a more palm filling handle if I was cutting for long periods. This dividend handle is as ergonomic as it can be for such a thin handle IMHO.
Fair assessment. I am no longer confused.
While I think it could be argued that most users won't push a knife hard enough to "need" the absolute top tier steel on the market, I think it's human nature to "want" that top tier steel anyway. I think that goes for other things too like bearings, handles, etc. Where the rubber meets the road is when you ask them to pay for it. If you can sell me a knife with excellent steel, ceramic bearings and g10/titanium frame and or handles say keep it under $150. Now you have my attention.
I would be on board with this idea.
This would be a huge hit. These have been sold out for a while and lots of people want em.
Any update on this?
I would love this idea. I'm a bit of a steel snob and I love some of those designs.
Thanks for the interesting and specific suggestions, I'm interested to see what others have to say and I will give this some thought now, and come back to update the group later.