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Brand Spotlight: Massdrop x Sennheiser

We at Massdrop have a special relationship with Sennheiser. They’re a company who believes in delivering the highest quality products to the Audiophile Community, and we’re always listening to the needs and ideas of our members so in this it's a perfect match.
Since our first collaboration with Axel Grell and the Sennheiser team, we’ve been able to come up with more ways to bring more products to the community. Starting with the HD 6XX, a Massdrop Made take on the company’s flagship headphones. The PC37X, a headset produced for competitive gaming. And now, the 58X Jubilee. Headphones tuned by Axel, and designed with feedback from the community.
Currently, Sennheiser has a team specifically dedicated to our collaborations, and this proves their commitment to always listening and to continue bringing the very best of what they can do to those who are most passionate about it.


Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones
SEE DROP: www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-hd-58x-jubilee-headphones

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones
SEE DROP: www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx

Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset
SEE DROP: www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-pc37x-gaming-headset

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devolutionary, gorgonzola, and 51 others

Could you concider doing drop/s for Stock parts e.g headband (Because some of us noobs bend & break them to loosent he clamp resulting in broken headbands or headbands that don't seal causing 1 driver to be louder than the other). Foam Tonal Pads (Because the get cut, modded or disintegrate over time). Stock Ear Pads (Because they well.... dont last long, interchangeable & handy to have a spare pair or replace an old pair) To summarize: •Headband •Tonal Filters (foam) •Ear Pads I'm sure that some of us need/want grills & drivers but thats up to you guys as they end up being less needed than these things.
Please please please bring back the MX series, I will buy all stock myself if I need to.
HD8XX with closed headset please!!!
So here is my question, since we (and by that I mean MD) have such an amazing relationship with them, why have we still not seen the Mass Drop 800 or 800s variant? There are at least a half dozen polls with thousands of votes from people wanting to see either or, or both of the drop. Can we get a little love and at the very least get some kind of response from the MD staff on whether or not this can happen? Comon MD, give us something, I personally have been holding out for a MD drop since my dog ate my 800s (and he was never seen again ... jk... or not). Please take this opportunity to reply or give us a post on these headphones. I would really hate to just say Eff it and buy a new one just to see it pop up here.
How about a Massdrop on the Senheiser X-Fi Sonic Carrier Soundbar?
Call me crazy, but I went ahead and got both the 6XXs and the 58Xs and I can say is, that if you have the money for the 58X, but not the 6XX, buy the 58X and you won’t be disappointe. If you have the money for the 6XXs, buy them, after all over 54,000 of the 6XXs have been bought and actually the58Xs have sold over 12,000 units and the Sennheiser gaming headphones have sold over 15,000 pairs. To me this marriage has been good for Massdrop and Sennheiser!
I did the same and while I’m happy to have both (they each serve a different and distinct purpose with my gear), I could easily live with just one and it would be the 58X. I find it more versatile than the 6XX—better for movies and some rock/blues/jazz (more “fun”), though not quite as good for critical music listening. No regrets for getting both, but would recommend the 58X if only one is within reach.
I got a third party balanced cable from Periapt for my HD-600s I should try the cable on the 6XXs and the 58Xs see what i find out, since I’ve only listen to the latter 2 headphones on my DarkVoice 336 SE and not my Aune S7 and my S.M.S.L. SU-8.
Roughly 8 years ago, the HD598 teamed up with a Schiit Asgard brought me into the whole audiophile music enjoyment. Now, many Sennheiser (and non Sennheiser) headphones later, I still like Senheiser as a brand the most. They really care for their customers and products. And it shows. I personally love the 6XX the best so far, I bought it as a backup for my 650. Thanks for so many hours of music bliss!
I love my 6XX, but I would love it if Massdrop and Sennheiser would do a collab on the upper IE series. The IE8x, or even the ie8xx would be amazing!
I'm not much of a Sennheiser fan personally, but I respect what they do. For the money I've only liked the HD 598 CS/HD 598 and HD 558 and co. I was never captivated by the HD 600, HD 650, HD 6XX, I'm one of those who thinks the HD 700 sounds rather poor due to its treble, and while the HD 800 brought forth serious evolution in dynamic headphones which I respect it for, I always felt it was too close in price to the Stax SR-007.
@Sennheiser @MassdropAudiophile Please bring us Sennheiser HD598 Cs Closed Back Collaboration. :D
What about he series? he6x?
HD8XXs etc...
Do it
Agreed do it Massdrop I’ll be there.
I understand Sennheiser has a model one step above the 800s. I would participate in a Massdrop of those headphones. At this time I can't afford the top-of-the-line, $50,000+ limited edition headphones. I truly hope that this new model that retails in the neighborhood of $2500 signifies a return to the type of performance I get from my old HD 540's. Most of the headphones being sold today, at any price, are junk. Somebody who disagrees please respond with a suggestion of a manufacturer and model that you recommend. I've read many critiques that claim the Sennheiser 540's are weak on the bass end. I disagree. They reproduce realistic bass.
Its bizarre that your list starts in 1993 - pretty much the time that Sennheiser started going done hill ?! Now, before people freak out. What I mean is that the HD540 Reference 1 and the HD250 closed back, for example are 2 of the finest headphones ever made, with a natural true to life sound that they have now completely lost. Even earlier models such as HD430 & 414x at least sound more natural than some of their later headphones. IF they remade the 540 & 250 they would take the headphone world by storm . . .IF they could replicate their sound with the right pads! I have spent a long time with most all of Sennheisers headphones so what Im trying to express is from my experience just how good the company was..and yes to 'some' extent still is. :) other companies do the same. Make some some of the worlds finest cans and then promptly ignore them? (Beyer 80's DT880, AKG 240 Sextett) Modern Senns I found 'technically' to be wonderful but I found them often 'trying to hard' to sound good. Almost like a computer has designed them using the latest scientific data. I cant help but think that the engineers in the '80's had ears that created some of the worlds best ever tuned headphones. Im not saying the newer ones are 'bad' Given choice between a £1500 HD800S and a £150 mint condition HD540 I would take the 540 without a pause. Of course if people are enjoying their (whatever model of HDxx) that's fantastic :)
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I haven't personally tried the HD 280's, but I have read people reporting they are similar to the 300 Pro. If memory serves, they reported the 300's had a bit more warmer bass ? but not much difference at the end of the day. TBH IF the 280's were ANYTHING near the pedigree of the 250 we would have heard by now! It might be worth bearing in mind that the HD 250's are a closed back version of the HD 540...One of the finest headphones ever made. As such the 250 (with the right pads!) may well be up there as one of the best closed backs (I haven't heard enough closed backs to be able to say this with any confidence though but...) it wouldn't be too much of a leap of faith! They would without a doubt belong on a 'wall of fame' though. All these 280's 300's M50's are [from a purist POV] pretty bad. Well not bad...just nothing special. They are ok. I edit with M50's but I wouldn't listen to music with them for the simple reason that the music is NOT presented as the music would actually sound >as played and heard live< which you would think would be the point of any headphone !? to make the music sound like the music :D
Also, I should add. If you or anyone, are currently enjoying their music with whatever headphone they have then that is great. Its far better to be content and happy with what you have than always to be chasing 'that' sound! Ive come about as far as I can with my limited funds and Im grateful to everyone who has helped me directly and indirectly to arrive at my own personal current, sweet set up. I know I could go higher quality wise but after a certain point it starts to get very expensive :/
Time to step it up to the HD800s .. you can call it theMassdrop HD 8XXs if you want. Just get it down closer to $1,000.
How about a new MX980?
Can we get a Bluetooth headset from you guys on Massdrop. Something in the 159-250$ range. Thanks.
@Sennheiser , how about making another electrostatic headphone but at a more affordable price range like those from Stax? I love my ie800, HD600 and HD700. I have tried HE-1 too and it is the best headphone I have ever heard! Recently I own a Stax SR-L500 system and it sound significantly better than my HD700. However, I sill prefer the sound signature of Sennheiser. I will definitely put my money into a affordable Sennheiser electrostatic system if there is one.
660s were better than the 6xx i sold my 6xx to my dad he wanted something less than his hd800s
How about a black edition of the HD599 like the 598 finally got? My trusty old HD595s are just about falling apart and I need to find a replacement. Would have already gotten the HD6xx but I hate double-sided cables (don't want stuff dangling or resting on me when trying to sit back and relax.)
First of all, we do have padding and cable replacement parts, and also a service center if further physical repairs are needed. Here’s the USA portal: https://service.sennheiserusa.com/
Second, we can also understand the Excitement in the opportunity to upgrade to a new model ;) Both the HD 599 and HD 579 would be an upgrade in sonics and durability to the HD 595. The colors of the HD 599 are subtly different than the HD 595... is there anything I can do for you to provide pictures of a real-life HD 599 sample under different lighting? The silver and gray HD 579 also looks quite sharp, if the creme & brown colors don’t suit you ;)
I've used my 595s pretty much daily for almost 10 years now so I doubt it'd be worth trying to service anything at this point. 569, 599 and 6xx are the new ones I've looked at, but I prefer open headphones, never really liked the beige/brown color scheme, and as mentioned I want a single-sided cable, so none of those were quite right for me. Figured I might just go for the older 598 while it's still an option, but now that you mention it I totally forgot about the 579. Not a whole lot of reviews or resources on how it compares to the 598 or 599 though.
PC37X is an amazing product! I've never been able to get any of my friends to get any "audiophile" products but one of them picked up the PC37X and he obviously loves it! It even got him asking some questions about other good sounding headphones ^^
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Just to follow up, it was ear cups and how big they looked on the head which was desired to be smaller... pad sizing was dictated by the size of the ear cups, though still intended to be larger and more comfortable than on-ear headphones, as stated above.
Thank you for the follow up. Though, after more interactions with people, many agree that the inner opening of earpads could be larger, while retaining the same size of the ear cup, and the thick stitching which causes discomfort when it touches ears could also be worked upon. I really think that this 'good' headphone can be made 'great' with a very small fix with the earpads, as it sounds very good. I think 70-80% people are 'fine' with it, but amongst the people I've interacted with, the other 20-30% have expressed having the same issues above (in the video, it's comments, and in Amazon reviews). People have been asking me about earpad replacement suggestions, with some testing Sennheiser Momentum earpads with these, so this is an issue that people are trying to find a solution for. Again, me and the 'people' aren't designers and engineers, so I am not sure if what I suggested is completely possible with the construction constraints and responses you had.
That being said, I really appreciate you having this detailed discussion about this 'other' product of yours here on Massdrop.
your collabs are nice. I just wish you’d give some of us that were left out the opportunity to purchase your 6xx and 58x without using third party forwarders. The pc37x is available for shipping to my country, so what’s up with the 6xx/58x not going the same way?
Missed the 6xx, as I didn't have the money available at the time. Now I do, I am waiting for a reply drop. Hope it happens soon 😉
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Thank you for bringing us another drop. My order is in! 😎
Please ship the 6XX to Singapore
Love my HD 6XX, one of my favorite go to headphones...it's just that amazing! Ordered the HD 58X Jubilee, and cannot wait for future collaborations to come!
I purchased the PC37X as a gift for someone on Christmas, got the chance to listen to them some and I have to say the sound is very nice and clear. I have since ordered a set of the HD 6XX as well and am _really_ looking forward for when they come in. I love the Sennheiser products I have had the pleasure of listening to so far!
Any chance we can get a HD 7XX in a gun metal or matte black finish?
I need the option that ship to Japan. Please consider it.
Can't lie, I LOVE Sennheiser. Now that we have seen the audiophile/home/gaming collabs with the 6xx and 58x, plus the PC37x, it's time for something for a closed back portable headphone!
I would LOVE to see a collaboration on the Momentum (or HD1 as they call it now?) I still have the og Momentum over ears (more like on ear though) and still love them. I never upgraded to the 2nd version w larger cups or the current HD1.
Come on MD, give us a portable headphone collaboration with Senn!!!
Oh, a girl can wish! I don't even mind if they are a tweaked Bluetooth version. Ideally it's a Massdrop HD1x Momentum over ear. Please please please.
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Hello! I am also from FMCG and appreciate how you are engaging directly with customers . I too cannot deny that I love the sound signature of Sennheiser. My straight was PX100 and PX200 and now the Momentum 1st gen over ears and the HD6xx. I love the changes made to the Momentum 2nd gen and hoping that we will hear of a Massdrop collabotation with the wireless model HD1. I am curious to test the new beyerdynamic aventho wireless over ear model will be, but I believe the HD1price point will have an advantage :) keep up the good work and I am looking forward to see a wireless momentum 3rdgen soonaltho i seen nothing is broken at the 2ndgen :) or a Massdrop special version. - Rachael
Thanks for sharing your story, Rachael, and it has been a pleasure reaching out and being part of the community!
Do you like that the HD 6XX comes in a special edition color? The brown color of the original Momentum was a bit of a risk, but we mostly received good responses about the looks!