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Keycap Re-Cap Returns!

Hey everyone, we are bringing back the Keycap Re-Cap with some OLKB Planck kits as the surprise guest!
With any of our keycap drops, we generally order more units than we need just in case. Over time, we end up with a closet full of keycap sets that need to find a home so we’re once again offering these hard-to-find items back to the community.
This drop will be structured similarly to the first Capatoa Keycap Explosion drop. It will run until Wednesday, January 31 (10:00 p.m. PT). After that, our warehouse will work on gathering all the keycaps and get everyone’s orders shipped out. There will be no wait for production since these are made already.
The drop will start with a 2 kit limit per user. As the drop progresses, we’ll open up the ordering quantities more and more. The idea is to let everyone have a shot at getting the sets they need. See the list below for what’s available.These kits go fast and certain quantities are low so you best act quickly.


Massdrop x Jessica GMK Plum Custom Keycap Set • Base Kit available (low quantities) • International Kit
Planck Keycap Set • XDA Canvas for Planck - in all 4 flavors • Various blank sets in XDA PBT and OEM ABS
Massdrop x K Bares Miami Dolch DSA Keycap Set • Base Kit available • Various child kits available
Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Yuri Custom Keycap Set • Base kit available • Various child kits available
Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Nautilus Custom Keycap Set • Base Kit available • Various child kits available
MiTo DSA: Sci-Fi Keycap Set • Base Kit available (low quantities) • Defuse Kit, none-standard bottom row, 6.25 spacebar and 6.5 spacebar available (low quantities)
GMK TA Royal Alpha Typewriter Keycap Set • Base Kit available (low quantities) • Light modifiers kit available (low quantities)
Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set • Base kit available (low quantities) • Blumods, TKL Mods, ISO Kit, Symm Kit, Overcast Kit, UK Kit available (low quantities)
GMK Carbon • No base kits • Communities kit, international kit, Ergodox/Planck kit available
The Amazing Chocolatier Custom SA Keycap Set • Base Kit available (low quantities) • Dvorak & Colemak Kit (low quantities)
Godspeed Custom SA Keycap Set • Lunar and Solar Alphas available (low quantities) • Cockpit Kit available • Various child kits available (low quantities)
GMK 3Run Keycap Set • Base Kit available (low quantities) • Hacker / Standard Kit Add-On available
Granite Keycap Set • No Alphas • 6.25u Spacebar
Dasher & Dancer SA Custom Keycap Set • Dasher + Dancer TKL kits available (low quantities) • Various child kits available (low quantities)
Massdrop x MiTo Canvas XDA Custom Keycap Set • Alphas + Betas available • Various child kits available
Massdrop x OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit • Various Planck keyboard kits with preconfigured options


Check out what’s available and let us know what you’re looking forward to most.
Marutk, Ron van Houten, and 13 others

damn wanted some more DSA miami themed ones but all sold out
sad was hoping to get a godspeed set but all sold out :(
When you add more kit quantity we can edit them directly in the transaction page right ???
Why is there a date for Wednesday? Is there going to be another drop then?
That's just when the drop ends.
Your Sci-fi link is sending me to the Overcast set.
Overcast is the second round of Sci-Fi. We recycle our page links so that old one is nowhere to be found sadly.
Okies, cheers.
I had to buy the canvas planck kit for my contra. im hyped
how do we know when things are being added?
You lied about dsa granite!
lol came here to post the same thing
there are no choices for anything Granite
There was only a 6.25u spacebar. I do believe that is in there.
Will I be able to combine shipping if I order 2 sets now and another 2 tomorrow?
The drop will run until 1/31. The shipping charge will only be charged at the end of the drop.
@YanboWu like others’ concerns, some of these sets require more than 2 Kits to fill a board. If I were to try to order 2 kits when the drop opens but then cannot order the rest of the required kits before they’re sold out will I be able to cancel my order? It doesn’t make sense for me to purchase 2 kits without making a complete set.
The drop ends on 1/31. You will have until 1/31 to make adjustments to your order.
Thanks for the info!
This was actually really helpful, thank you. Give us a much better idea ahead of time what I should get - and what is low quantities. Really appreciated.
I'm not gonna make the mistake from last time and gonna buy all the Canvas I need....
was hoping this will come after fulfillment of MT3 /dev/tty so I can grab some extras.
oh well...
same - next time!
The only problem with kit limits is that to fill out a full keyboard with the non-GMK sets. you need way more than 2 kits. -_-
Yes, this is and always was an issue.
How's the supply on Canvas Planck sets?
@YanboWu I noticed that the Dasher/Dancer sets are grouped under Granite. Is that an error, and are some child kits for D/D also available? Thanks!
There are! I've fixed the post so it's more clear.
Great - thank you!
Hoooooo boy, here we go again.
any idea what time it will open?
@YanboWu how about Granite's Elven Tongue kit? Really really really want it 😍
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Yes, but without Elven Tongue kit. I've also asked PMK but sadly they don't have permissions from Matt3o to produce that kit anymore 😞
Yes that kit is special release for round 4, just like cyrillic alpha on round 1.
What is “Various child kits available”? Would be nice to know what sets to run for, when you require international/norde kit... The other times all the good kits sold out before I could locate the needed kits.
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But what about the novelty kit??🙈
Various kits means most things that were offered during the group buy will be available. When the selection is more limited, we make it more clear what will be available for those sets.
Will there be a Yuri Cryllic kit? @massdropmechkeys