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DIY Arcade Stick - Free Samples!!!

Howdy Everyone,
We are looking for two DIY Tech Enthusiast members to build, test, and review this product.

To qualify yourself for this we would need to have experience with raspberry pi and already have one (or buy one as you will need it to complete this project). Do a time lapse video of you putting the Arcade Stick together and be willing to write a review on the product after testing it.
If this sounds like something that your up for then please post the requirements in this thread and let us know why you would be excited to be picked for this opportunity.
Did I forget to mention that these two participants will receive this DIY Arcade project free? That's right your incentive to write amazing reviews. Its valued at $100 bucks!
I look forward to seeing everyone's cool projects!
gorian2222, ZacharyBinz, and 9 others

Hey I am a DIYer and love arcade projects. I could easily put a time lapse video together with my goPro, iPhone and HD camera. I build modular synthesizers also so this project should be a very quick and simple one compared to what I am used to. I love this project and would be honored to participate! I do have all the equipment already to both build this and film and edit a video in a timely manner. Thanks!
I do not know what is meant by post requirements but I would love to take this task on. My sailors and other civilian co-workers know me as the pi guy. I've done over 20 different custom builds, including MAME configuration. I find myself enjoying customising and configuring more than playing the games. If chosen, this finished product would be used in a common area for airmen and sailors to enjoy. I love the look of this setup and would look forward to working with acrylic instead of wood.