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Seiko SKX Photo Thread

Really wanting to get an SKK007/009/013 for a long time, can you help me with photos of your stock/modded/strap replaced SKX's.

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I've been trying to decide between an 007 and 009 for a while, thought this thread might help me... Nope, I love both!
I feel you brother, instead of helping me to choose one of them, I think I am more inclined to get 007 and 009 now. LOL
J on nato, k on jubilee. i never use the rubber at all. Never really considered leather... anybody else?
Never considered leather for these but have a leather strap on my Turtle.
I think a black or grey/green vintage style leather would be cool on the 007, like this:
If you're considering a purchase, this is a fairly good explainer between the K and J models, and goes even more in depth on some of the Seiko serial numbers and nomenclature.

Beyond the slight differences on the face, he takes the backs off the cases around 11:10 in to the video to look at the movements.

Thank you for the heads up. I'm strongly considering J model.
Petros and I are twins.

As shown on my 7 inch wrist with the Toxic Admiralty strap from Toxic Natos.

I love this watch. I've almost ordered the 007 on a number of occasions just to have one around. I had an eye on this for a couple of years before I purchased one, well worth it.
Stock on stock SKX007.

I just posted a pic of mine in the wrist check. This is the SKX175, which is there same as the SKX009K1, but numbered for the US market.

Nice. That’s the first time Ive heard of that skx model number. Thabks man
The US equivalent of the SKX007 is the SKX173. When you buy these in the US they come with a 3 year Seiko warranty.
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