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Custom Handcrafted Pens - Just Discovered a new artist - What are your thoughts... Possibe Drop ?

I learned of a gentleman that crafts absolutely beautiful fountain pens as well as ballpoint EDC pens. I had not heard of Caledonia Custom Creations. I am curious if anyone is familiar with or purchased a pen through them ? The gentleman that makes them is Andrew Weaver.
Here are a few of the pens on his site....

How could you choose just one ??
Last night, I saw some of his pens and I inquired about them. Andew replied right away and we spoke for quite sometime about his craft. He clearly loves what he does. From our discussion, I learned that he takes custom orders. I think he may be the one to make my custom ’Grail” pen. ( he is definitely closer to my budget for a grail pen )
Custom as in, you select the materials, colors, styles, nibs... pretty much anything you want. I am not familiar with too many pen makers that will work one on one with you to craft your pen. So that is kind of fun, to have the option to design your own pen. He was kind enough to send photos of different materials and pen styles as I was telling him what I’d like.
Of course this morning I had to visit his site and do a little poking around. Wow - he has absolutely amazing pens. He uses a variety of materials, abolane, acrylic and wood pens from old wine and whiskey barrels. I would have a hard time deciding on which one I would finally choose.
The pens have the #6 JoWo nibs and options for two toned, steel and ruthenium and your choice of size, EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5. - It is always nice to have the option of being able to swap out nibs easily.
With all that said - Obviously price is always a factor in buying a new pen. I think his prices are really quite reasonable for a customizable pen and the pens listed on his site. I am comparing them to pen makers at our pen show and even a drop here with similar pens.
Feedback would be great if anyone has purchased from him or if you want to check out his work and share some thoughts.
Maybe if there is enough interest we could arrange a poll and hope for a drop ?
Check out the face book page for Caledonia Custom Creations - https://www.facebook.com/caledoniacustomcreations/
I happened on a review of an acrylic pen. It talks about Andrew ( started making pens at age 15, crazy) There maybe other reviews on you tube, but this one has a discount code ( not sure if it s still current for 15% off ). -


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I ordered the “Northern Lights” acrylic pen with an Extra Fine JoWO nib. I don’t normally like an EF nib, but this was ordered as a gift for a friend who prefers EF nibs. The photos don’t quite capture the depth of the colors and chatoyance. When the light hits it, wow it is lovely.
I have to say this JoWo EF nib is very smooth with good ink flow. After seeing this acrylic pen, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another pen from Caledonia Custom Creations.
This is one of my EDC pens. I added a purple nib nib with an architect grind and I love to draw with it. Andrew added a jewel on the clip to match the purple striations in the pen. Beautiful pen!
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I haven't tried that yet but it is on my list! Best wishes!
You're welcome! Andrew will work with you to customize to your liking. Good luck!
MrSharkbait you asked about the whiskey barrel fountain pen option - Love it !
February 8th 2018 - It looks like we have some people interested in the aledonia Custom Creation fountain pens - I went ahead and started a poll - I added a few of the handturned acrylic pens, but there are so many color choices. If anyone wants to add other acrylic color choices please do, ther are so many to choose from.
Also - I am thinking of adding the option for the abalone and the wood pens. Any interest in adding those to the poll. ?? Either way, I ordered a custom pen with a JoWo fine nib in the “Northern “lights”. It will actually be a gift for someone - I think I may be leaning toward the abalone style for myself. Would be nice to see some new pens/brands drop on MD.
wow man, looks awesome.
there are some very good craftsmen out there for custom pens. Kanilea http://kanileapenco.com/fountain-pens/ and Scriptorium https://scriptoriumpens.com/ make extraordinary pens
Andrew is one of the new Parker's or Sheaffers of his generation. I'm currently waiting for him to get white abalone for him to finish my version of the second pen shown. Mine will have a titanium nib, which he can also install in your pen. His skill is superb. My pens are large, yet very light, and because the threads are the same resin as the pens, you can use them as enormous eye dropper fill as well as converter or cartridge.
I almost bought one of these pens when he launched a Kickstarter in the fall. Medical issues left me a little short handed on funds so I had to pass. All the pens look amazing and I too would have a hard time just picking one. His Sunfire pen looks almost identical to Goulet Bonfire, but at a cheaper cost. Here's the link to his Kickstarter that ended.

I too would be interested in hearing from someone who may have backed this project, or purchased a pen privately from Andrew. I'd be interested in participating in a drop if he has good reviews
khampton - I have seen a good number of posts from people who have purchased different models of the pens. All have been positive reviews/comments. I went ahead and orderedone based on what I read. There is a face book group where people basically raffle off new, used or vintage pens. One of the abalone pens is currently on there. .. this ruby red one. Go check out the facebook group Pen Alt-Shop

Nice!! You simply could not choose just one. I‘m waiting to hear about yours when you receive it and give an in-depth review of the pen and its respective nib. I agree with your sentiments on here. Great find!
I haven’t ordered one - There are too many to love.. like picking one pup for a litter - I would want them all... LOL. I was thinking it would make a nice drop if there was enough interest. Wondering what folks thought about them. I would think we’d have to poll for the wood or acrylic or abalone...
So what I found really interesting is that he started making pens when he was 15 - Seriously wonder how he found such an interest at that age. Kind of a cool story.
Wonder if they have a lingering smell of whiskey or wine.. I see some DeAtramentis whiskey ink in one... for taking notes at the local bar 🧐
I know I will have to look at his pens a dozen times to try and narrow down which I like best.. So many beauties.. still on the look out for something copper-ish.. the abalone ones do have a copper look,
That would be the perfect ink pairing! The wood I use definitely has the aroma of wine/whiskey when I am making them. However I put a very durable finish on the wood to withstand years of use. This finish unfortunately blocks out these aromas..

Every pen made with this wood comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
MrSharkbait I would email/message him.. I am sure it’d do-able.
I like his idea of using wine and whiskey barrells. No mention of that in fountain pen though.
Hello! Right now I have a kickstarter launched using the wine/whiskey barrels. This kickstarter just has ballpoint/rollerball pens in it.
However I could just as easily make a fountain pen using them!
Can you attach the ink for us Andrew ?

edit ; That should read ; Can you attach th LINK for us Andrew.... 😂😂😂
But it would be nice if we could send ink samples via cyber space !
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