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FARER Watches?

I'm a recent "watch lover". My first two watches I got through the first Filippo Loreti Kickstarter campaign. I was quite happy with them but after doing some reading I now understand that they were just a successful marketing campaign, similar to Beats headphones. My most recent watch is the Seiko Presage Cocktail SRPB43J1, which I'm very happy with.
Currently I'm looking for my next buy and last night I stumbled onto FARER. I think some of their models look amazing, specially the Ponting, Hopewell, and Barnato II.
Does anybody have any experience or knowledge about this brand? Or possibly know about any similar watches I should check out? I would be interested to see FARER or something similar on Massdrop.
FARER Ponting - https://eur.farer.com/products/ponting

FARER Hopewell - https://eur.farer.com/products/hopewell

FARER Barnato II - https://eur.farer.com/collections/g-m-t-collection/products/barnato
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Love these watches too. But $ is too high still . If they’d offer % off for stock or launches I’d be nice. The quartz’s are 20-% too much across the board . The chronographs not too bad but once again some sale now and then would be the button pusher for me . I was hoping for a Christmas or new year sale and set aside for it - but never happened so I ended up going with a launch in $400 range and for an amazing watch for the $ . But still hopefully will add a farer if the price is right 👍😎
So, no chance to have farer watches here someday ?
I love the Farer Leven Aqua Compressor.

These are one of the few microbrands that I think really nails it for style. (See the every youtube reviewer paid LIV reviews for the opposite) B-b-but not sure I'm willing to go to their price point with a Microbrand. Would rather get an Oris 65
Thanks to the original poster--this is just the design I'm looking for (arabic numerals plus additional time zone). But would only buy at a discount. Hopefully MD will take an interest...
I'm not much of a watch maven but I too like the Farer designs, which even after examining the Halios and Martenero (v. nice!) still seem rather unique. That they are expensive for what they are maybe indicates Farer does spend a lot on their dials and curvy hands? Also my wrist would embarrass a stick insect so even at 39.5 mm I worry the Farers would wear too big on me. 38 mm might cause me to take a shot.
The stock photos don't ever do the details justice. I saw them in the metal a few months ago and I remember that the Aqua Compressor case being extremely attractive, fairly slim and comfortable. Looking at the website now, I like the "Leven" orange/grey color scheme best. The "Lander" GMT is also has a unique blue to it.
Have been eyeing them for quite a while... but can't bring myself to pull the trigger... just way too expensive. Even for their cheaper quartz range, I can buy a good automatic Steinhart/Squale.. the very nice design just isn't worth that much extra.
I can even get a Halios with extra change for an equivalent of their 3 hand auto, and those Halios Seaforth are on par in terms aesthetics.
Martenero watches have a similar look, and also started on Kickstarter.
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I almost bought a grey Accent last month but decided to build myself a new Seiko mod instead. I really like that blue seconds hand though. And the fact they offer it in a midsize 38mm case is great too. Most modern watches have gotten way too big for me.
I'm with you on that. I committed at 42mm on the Kickstarter and then switched to 38 when it became available. The lug to lug on their 42 is right around my upper limit of what I find wearable.
I've had my eye on the Ace for a while. I figured get the Kerrison at the reduced cost and if I like the quality I can go back for the Ace in the future.