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Watch Blue Boxes: Ideas and Feedback

We wanted to get your thoughts on a specific type of drop that has been very popular in our Audiophile and EDC communities: Blue Boxes! Here are a couple of examples of Blue Boxes that we've run in the past: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/meelectronics-mee-iem-exclusive-grab-bag
For those of you who don't know, these are "grab bags" of sorts, for which joining a drop doesn't get you a specific item but instead gives you the chance of receiving an item out of a curated pool. The pricing for the blue box is based off of the highest chance (lowest MSRP) item so you're guaranteed to get a good value item even if you don't get upgraded.
We're always trying to find fun and unique ways to keep our community engaged and interested; my question to the Watches community is whether you all would be interested in seeing these and for what types of products? Obviously, with watches being such an aesthetically driven purchase, we have a bit more to think about when curating these Blue Boxes, but they could potentially be used for straps, storage, etc.

Let us know your thoughts!
Andrew Kingsley, ScarM, and 13 others

I feel like when you do a blue box, keep to the same sort of stuff. I got in on the titanium drop for either the super lightweight plates or pans, ended up with a military style single wall thermos. So it's either awesome kitchen stuff or military surplus. Since I wanted lightweight stuff for my airstream kitchen, I do not so much need military style gear and this was a let down and de-motivator for future blue boxes.
Also, do an Omega or Seiko drop. For a Seiko drop, having a grand seiko as the super absurd grand prize would be legit.
Base: Seiko Presage Winners: Seiko Automatic Tuna Special SHUPER limited edition whatever Supreme winner: Grand Seiko
If it weren't super expensive I'd almost certainly do it. I'm a sucker for a grab bag type deal, but I'm also not generally willing to spend high dollar amounts on grab bags.
I like the idea!
I think like the starting level at a Seiko 5 would be good, then like move up to like some sort of Citizen and have the highest tier be an A. Lange and Sohne 1815 Chronograph.
you know how many people have to join to even be able to have a A.lange & Sohne to be the top watch on a blue box. Or the drop would be very high priced. I personally think if its a standard drop theen it should be like said a Seiko5 - a ~1000 watch say a standard oris or something
Since buying a watch is so dependent on personal taste, I would do it this way. Start with a watch box, and include the same watch in all options. I would have the watch on its bracelet (or OEM rubber strap), since they can be tough to get later. The options could be: upgraded storage box, different strap options (either more straps, higher end ones, or NATO/Zulu/quick change etc). You could also throw in a watch roll/strap change tool/spring bars. I also like the idea of a watch analyzer/timer, it's something I'd like but probably wouldn't buy myself.
A graduating scale of certain Seiko models would albeit assure some sort of generated excitement I think (SARB or SKX anyone?). Some customized or branded watchmaker tools or a kit would be useful to many across the board also, and a Timegrapher can be had for as little as a $130 retail elsewhere, so why not have one as a Blue Box cherry? These could all be nice little joys for almost any watch nerd really.
.10 cents gang, and Happy Friday
Casio, Timex, Citizen, Seiko would all make for ones I'd consider joining.
Hm...a drop with a possible Seiko *whatever* would work and drive more interest based on the Seiko lovers like me. Even the cheaper ones are great IMO. For other items, different watch wraps made of different materials, offer different sizes as well. For tools? I guess watch strap pin tools, maybe one of those cool spring bar tools like this?

Suigeneric nato straps or something similar would interest me for the spring and summer months coming. FYI the Suigeneric straps are waxed cotton straps, These are THICK straps to boot.
I second that a "Seiko *whatever*" would turn heads, if MD is looking to put an actual watch in a blue box.
If the drop includes a watch, then it is most probably going to be a cheap one. But cheap or expensive doesn't matter, what matters if it looks fun to wear or great to have it on display. Accessories would work well and possibly better. Straps, display boxes, etc.
As long as the price is fair, the drop should be worthwhile.
I think this has a lot to do with price point. Do I want a 12 dollar watch I never wear? Do I want to gamble 1,000 bucks on something I'm not sure of? Now I know we normally do the opt-out where one can opt-out of the gambling in the case you roll on something that they want for sure. So that is super important to keep. I think if I was running something like this, I would keep it pretty expensive. I have joined 2 blue boxes before, a Spyderco one and the IEM one. Each time I wished they were a bit more "premium".
Would join without question.
There is only one thing I want in a blue box.
The good loot. For once in my life.
Yeah count me in, joined the previously dropped Mee IEM Blue Box. Didn't get the better loot, would love to try again.
I've joined a few times, got a few different things. Great thing about that drop is even the lowest ones are still a decent deal, and having extra IEMs is also never a bad thing.
Straps, storage, tool kits, WINDERS?!?
I'd be intrigued. I recall that IEM one over in the audiophile community but I held off as I have too many earbuds as it is.
Yeah, not for watches themselves. Straps would be fun but impractical: They are often made to order, and sized to the wrist and to the watch. And I wouldn't want to be stuck with anything from Da Luca. 😥 Maybe winders and storage. Or those gizmos that can tell you how accurate your watch is instantly.
Agreed on the storage and tools!
I think it would be cool. I would most certainly join a drop if you offered something like a Seiko Blue Box. You could start with SNZG as a base model, and go up the line, SKX, SRP, SAR. The brand would also offer a measure of confidence to potential participants.
This idea would get my pocketbooks support!
Seiko on my wrist today.
A small toolkit like this would be useful for a budding watch enthusiast. Although, most of us probably already own these tools. https://www.esslinger.com/13-piece-watch-repair-tool-kit-in-hard-plastic-case/