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What do you guys think of the CRKT Ken Onion Swindle?

Hey guys,
Just wondering what the community thinks of this knife. Rather unique looking design, especially with regards to the pocket clip so I'm wondering what people thought of it or if anyone has handled/carried it, what do they think? FYI it's priced on the lower side (~60 USD) with a 3.2" 8Cr14MoV blade and a stainless handle putting it at a decently sized 7.5".

Lenz32 and namhod

Weird pocket clip is a deal breaker for me. But it is an attractive looking knife. At $35 for the standard CRKT 8cr blade that is a decent value. The upgraded version with sandvik steel is $50 ish, and I think the fluting on the handle is ugly as sin.
What the heck, 35?? Lol why is US retail always so much better than Canadian retail? I mean our border services aren't helping, but dang...
Exchange rate as well? I dunno. Sorry! :)
I have the ”premium” version of this knife, the one with the fluted handle and better blade steel. I really like it, it’s got a sort of gentleman‘s folder vibe. Way more comfortable in the hand than it looks, and it doesnt look “tactical” or aggressive when you pull it out to open boxes or stuff like that - a huge plus in my books. The last thing I want in an edc knife is to scare people just by having it with me. The fluted version is much nicer in person than in photos. The clip is a bit weird and causes some wear to pants pockets, but the knife nests quite nicely into the outside pocket seam when it’s in there.
Yeah, apparently the clip design was meant with slanted dress pant pockets in mind, which adds to that gentlemen's folder vibe. What's the steel on the premium version?
The blade is Sandvik 12C27, the regular one uses 8Cr14MoV.
I usually love Onion designs, but this one's definitely not my cup of tea. I edc a KO Eros SS, and give Leeks as a standard present for people, but something about this one gives a hard pass.
For anyone wondering, I managed to find this knife at a store in Canada and picked it up (~75 CAD). Nice knife, sleek subtle design, the curve was more ergonomic in hand than expected. I know the pocket clip and it's lack of modularity will irk some, but I like it.
The pros: - Thin, unique design - Butter smooth deployment thanks to the IKBS - Rock solid frame lock
The cons: - Shaky detent. Shaking the blade while closed, you can feel the blade wiggling around a tad. No danger of opening on it's own as I can see yet, however. - Doesn't have a substantial feel in hand. Not a big deal, but would've been nicer with a bit more heft. - The pocket clip takes some time getting used to, but is a nice unique characteristic