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Orient Bambino

Super happy with this watch. I ended up replacing the strap, what are your thoughts?

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Love the retro feel of this. The Roman numeral version of the Bambino is my favorite and will be my next Orient. Nice choice of colour strap, goes well with the colour of the watch face.
I think it's awesome! More gateways for people to get into the hobby.
Own it in gold with the white face. Liked it ALOT. Swapped the brown padded fake croc strap for black lizard grain un-padded calfskin. Now LOVE it!
The Bambino looks real good with leather strap!
I two have the bambino but it was too dressy to me, I toned it down a bit using the nato strap. The bambino truly are flexible in terms of styling, one of the version will suit you :)
That is a sharp looking piece, to be certain.
Bambino's truthfully offer so much sheer elegance, and bang for the buck, it is really, really hard to fault the beauty of this time piece. I love my Orient watch, it has been a stable work horse and time keeper as needed, and shares "dress" rotation with my Rolex Day/Date. That's how much I enjoy the Orient pieces.
Wear it in good health and spirit
my Bambino today
I like this one.
I think the V2 is my favorite iteration, those Roman numerals just add some old world class.
That strap looks sharp, congratulations!
Looks great! Excellent choice with the cream/off white dial.
It's a beautiful watch at an incredible price for what you get. You can't go wrong with that. Enjoy!
Love 'em, except the 21mm lug width. But you found a nice strap! I am also guilty of having more than one.

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Blue dial + dark brown strap is always a winner in my book.
The white with Romans is sick! Such a classic look. Just timeless. Also, I think the Orient applied logo is among the best.
They're awesome value for money. At one point I had 3 different colors of the same model...