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Darth Turtle

You guys. I need to find a way to get one of these from down under.
That creamsicle orange on the lume gives me the feels.

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Looks like the price on E....is 800, outch
Thats a nice one
I wants. but price is too damn high.
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$700 to $1300
Whoa! I paid much closer to MSRP when I picked it up earlier this year. Seems like I unintentionally have an investment on my hands.
Sporting the German pilot watch today.

Cool Steiny but you should put it over on the general thread so more folks will see it!
I love that classification Darth turtle!
Lots of folks online will call it Ninja Turtle, but a "Seiko Lord" designation is way cooler, IMO.
Love that one too... Now we need a reference to Grand Admiral Thron
In the Court of the Turtle King
What a black beauty . I need that one.
Air Diver's 200m
Black Series LTD. Edition

This watch has been selling like hot cakes here in the Philippines. Its quite "rare" to find one for sale at a good price (near the AD price). After a few days of searching, I was able to get one. This watch is the first watch to give me sleepless nights. lol
It's great, isn't it? I am contemplating a strap change but the silicon it comes on is so comfortable!
Yup. The silicon strap is great. Will be getting another silicon strap like it (if I can find one) for my other Seiko watch.
I love the look of this watch
I just bought an SRP775 last week. Why did I have to see this?
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I'm not sure. 50 or 52, I would guess. 44 width without that ridiculous crown guard. I've handled it in person, and it definitely doesn't wear small. My wrists are 7 1/2 inches, but they're really wide and not very tall.