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Acrylic Mini Rack for DAC & AMP

When can we get a drop for this beaut?

*Disclamer, these images aren't mine. Taken from taobao & aliexpress users*
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An odd product- the stuff in the product photos would be fine stacked without the stand. If any piece of gear gets too hot to stack directly, it sure shouldn't be placed on an acrylic stand. Lastly, if someone is worried about vibration, then metal and acrylic isn't the best choice of damping material.

I guess I prefer my purchases to be at least somewhat functional, rather than purely cosmetic.
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Some people worry about vibration affecting their components- either at snake oil levels, or real levels (e.g. tube microphonics would be a big one, transformer hum would be a less common one). This is why audio racks tend to be very sturdy, and use a lot of wood.

Personally I don't worry about it, it is not an issue with my gear.

How does the rack save space- you can't stack your gear without the rack? (Serious question, not sarcastic)
Nope I can't stack my gears on top of each other because of different dimensions.
Behringer UMC204HD shape wider on the front and back.
Aune X1s shape wider on the sides and Topping D10 too small.
I'm down for this too
I would sign up for this
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