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Howdy Everyone!
There has been alot of G-Sync discussions in monitor drops over the last 3-6 months. We have listed quite a few G-Sync monitors at this point since that time. I would like to give you the community the opportunity to express what exact models you would like to see here on Massdrop. Now, I realize we have the polling system and that is something you could vote on. However, at this time I would just like to get some direct feedback from everyone.
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Now FreeSync monitors can work with Nvidia GPU's, in my mind there is no big reason anymore to buy a g-sync monitor. Yes, they did show on stage that "potential problems" can arise with unlicensed/untested models, but honestly all those issues were caused by bad monitors, not by freesync not working correctly. As such I have no need or interest in paying the nvidia tax for VRR, as I now can use the freesync that came with my monitor. The only thing left for me is to upgrade my 970 to a higher model and i'm good to go.
You could just read this tread https://www.massdrop.com/talk/10312/g-sync-1440-p-140-hz-ips-monitor-on-sale-at-massdrop including its update at the bottom about AMD FreeSync making this conversation kind of pointless and expensive for no reason.
The alienware monitors
Here's the problem I have with gsync as a feature: It sounds like a good idea until you actually use it. If you are a serious fps player, youd never want something that introduces input lag at all, no matter how low. The other issue is that youd want to have your minimum framerates be dipping into the 144 range. That way you get a maximum advantage. If that's the case, gsync is useless in that scenario. In scenario 2, you like playing single player games and care more about quality over framerate, and prefer to crank up the settings., but dont want framerate dips to feel stuttered. If you enjoy cranking your settings, just invest the extra $100-$200 premium a gsync monitor costs into your graphics card, and you wont need an overpriced monitor like that because your game will already run at the framerate and settings you want
Well I personally don't use gsync because 1. I don't experience screen tearing so it's useless and 2. Therefore I'm not gonna pay like $200 extra for it, however, based on what people have said about their experience with gsync, as long as your fps is below the monitors rated refresh rate (which I believe it will automatically do cause of nvidia driver updates in the past), you should have minimal to no input lag. If I'm not mistaken, if you were forced to use a sync of some sort, gsync will give you the least input lag compared to other types, fast sync, free sync etc. Also, isn't the point of sync to fix screen tearing? Not stuttering. Cause if you have a weak gpu and a huge explosion happens causing your fps to drop significantly and introduce stuttering, no type of sync will help you there. Unless if I'm mistaken and it's a feature of sync...
I would like a g-sync monitor with 144hz, 1ms, 1080p and they should be able to drop easily since they are considered and older resolution. 24 inch or 27 inch will work.
I am not 100% sure on this but G-Sync may be going the way of the dodo bird with the 2080 cards. I have not heard anything about them being G-sync compatible. I even checked the compatibility list on their website and the last card listed is the 1080. Of course I could be wrong, but just thought I would mention it anyway.
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The web page probably wasn't updated yet, but I haven't seen any complaints on G-sync not working other than one person not knowing how to enable it on a RTX 2080 FE. I just asked a friend if he had any issues with g-sync on his RTX 2080 ti but found no issues. *Edit* Correction my friend ran into an issue whenever he tried to enable G-sync on the control panel it would switch to v-sync, he thinks it was most likely due to the control panel rather than the gpu.
Thanks for the reply, I posted a very long response noting why I did not think it was g-sync but found an updated spec sheet for the 20XX that has it listed as g-sync compatible. Truly appreciate your replies and help.
ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 34" 21:9 3440x1440 IPS 100Hz G-SYNC Eye Care Gaming Monitor with DP and HDMI Ports pls
This 100% unless ASUS releases the 200hz version of that... ever hahahahaha. They announced 200 hz version 2 years ago, for those that don't know.
Acer Predator XB272 bmiprz 27" this is an amazing monitor and it is on sale but its still very expensive and at 240hz its an upgrade for anyone who doesnt have it. Very nice monitor and a ton of my friends use it. Once you get a 240hz monitor you cant go back
I really like both the Dell S2716G and S2417G, they're 1440p, G-Sync, 1ms response time, and 144/165Hz. The 27 inch and 24 inch models go for $570 and $430 on the dell website and although they're TN panels, they're pretty good.
Both solid monitors, especially if you find them on sale. I got my S2417G for$330. There's one thing to keep in mind though, both S2716G and S2417G have horrible color banding. You can slightly fix it by editing the monitors settings and nvidia control panel.
1440p 144hz would probably be a huge upgrade for a lot of people. There should be a second option that is WS or IPS or 4k for those that are willing to spend more.
S2716DG but with a "custom" or "hand picked" panel that has little to no gradient banding. if it has banding that will be a giant headache to manage post-drop.
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Its hard to miss if you do any pre-purchase research. People recommend custom color profiles, altering the RGB color on the monitor, or even fiddling with nvidia control panel. The issue is there, but people still highly recommend this monitor. Dell knows as well. They have multiple revisions of the same monitor. I think the 24inch is up to it's 9th revision. But yeah, unbeatable for the price-point.
Coming from a generic Samsung 1080p to a S2417G, it was a massive upgrade. However, I was bit uncomfortable with the color banding. Custom color profiles and messing with nvidia control panel slightly fixed it but I got used to it. The great thing about Dell S2716G and S2417G is that you can find some solid deals, I got my S2417G for $330.
Key factors that must be present personally: - G-sync - 100Hz + - IPS panel - 3440x1440
That's a hella expensive dream monitor... Ok, I agree.
while i don't think it would happen i would like to see ether the Acer Predator X27 or the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ thay are basically the holy grail of gaming monitors.
I think a 1440p monitor would be preferable. 4K is a little too big in my opinion.
I’d like to see a 1440p 27” g-sync monitor. it is good.
Looking for something a little bigger...
I’d like to see a 1440p 27” g-sync monitor. I really don’t know much about the actual panels used, but anything with a response time <5 would be great. Also, whatever panels make actual black and now really dark grey would be cool. I like the asus and acer gaming monitors.
Acer or Asus 27" 1440p G-Sync SKUs. Personally the size of the monitor and resolution are sweet spots for my setup. An IPS panel would be great too but I can settle for a TN version. 1080p panels are popular because majority of setups can take full advantage of that resolution at high frames rates, but when you want something a bit better its a $200-$300 jump in price.
Lenovo Monitor, Y27g 27-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor with G-Sync, 65BEGCC1US
I would really love to see ultrawide G-sync monitors. I would also love to see the Massdrop x Vast monitor receive a G-sync panel.
I think the LG 32GK850G is one of the best GSync panels on the market if you don't care about UW format.
I'd like to see two options: a 34" 3440x1440 for those who want an ultrawide, and a 27" for the people that don't want ultrawide. 1080p would be fine for the 27" as this is a gaming monitor and anything above that would be difficult to run at 120-144hz. The ultrawide will be even more difficult to run at high fps so I would like at least 100hz, but 120-144hz would be ideal for those that have hardware to handle it. A 1ms response time is pretty much a given since these are for gaming. Now personally I don't really care about freesync or gsync but this thread is about gsync so add that too. Now, arguably the most important part of the monitor, the panel. VA is pretty much the only option, but a very good option. VA allows for the 1ms response time and high refresh rate that ips struggles with, and still delivers great color and deeper blacks than ips. TN is an option but I prefer the better color accuracy of a VA. Last but not least, PLEASE let it have Vesa mount support. This is a deal breaker for a lot of people, me included. A monitor can have every single thing that I want, but if it doesn't have Vesa I can't use it.
Asus PG27UQ or Acer X27 displays for whatever price that will be cheaper than what they want to sell them for when they come out. If HDR is a bust because of poor FALD implementation, then make a version without HDR.
Dream would be 30inch 4k oled gsync hdr 120/44hz
I own and LOVE the Alienware AW3418. Hands down the best ISP panel I’ve found with consistent lack of backlight bleed. Couldn’t be happier. If you can get these on a Massdrop, I’d buy another just for my other rig.
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There’s also this popular one from Dell with a 1 ms response time (not that I’m someone who would tell the 3ms difference): https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0149QBOF0/ref=psdcmw_1292115011_t1_B0785MMPJ1 I don’t know what’s going on with the various models by Dell now, but there were three when I searched ranging from this price ($435) to $499.
Edit: woops, I missed that the Acer is IPS. The Dell is TN.
I've a post just a bit below this one with a table of monitors that may be of interest to you if you're still in the market for one.
A monitor with specs similar to Alienware AW3418DW. No built in speakers. Or, make a gsync version of the current vast. The design should be sleek/slim like the aforementioned monitors.
Some people like built in speakers so that they don't have to have them clutter their desk. Why request not to have them if they don't really affect the price? Thickness?
I believe having dedicated speakers provide an overall better sound experience and quality, than any built in speakers. Maybe having built in speakers would be worth it if you are on a extremely tight budget, but there are still budget friendly speakers that deliver a better sound experience, compared to built in speakers. You can always mount the speakers on stands or on the wall to clear desk space. Having an external speakers can also work for your tv, computer, ipod, etc, depending on your setup. Not sure if they do or do not have a significant affect on the pricing or thickness of the monitor. Please link your source stating that speakers do not influence the price, thickness, or design. Thanks.
You would sell a sea of Acer Predator Z35P, for a right price! That's probably the best all-arounder large gaming/media/light pro work screen available.
I would KILL for an AOC AGON AG271QG for less than $650 at this point. IPS monitors are expensive enough on their own and this thing's price has only gone up since launch.