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VanMan’s VDay Trunk Sale

After some spring cleaning some rare artifacts of great prestige have been unearthed.
A couple highlights are LightCycle MX Base kits, black and silver MiniVans, and MX lock switches.
Head on over to the collection to see all that is available.

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$300 for DSA Lightcycle! Man, that's a crazy price, I'd be all over it if it was $200, I know that's the going price for it on r/mechmarket and I also know that the GB was $180.
So kawaii... (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
I really wish I could afford the violet flash right now; it's such a gorgeous board. Very nice work :)
thank you :)
Keep up the good work dude! :D You are hero status! Number 1 Supreme Mech Commander in Chief Keyboard Leader Presidente!
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So I guess I will be taking the chocolate SA profiles off the minivan... :D! AWESOME!
80s Kid AND the kit for $250? Geeeeez, what a steal! If anyone has been waiting to find a sweet deal on a MiniVan, now is the time!
MiniVan has been the only board I've collected so far where holtites have fit perfectly, both switch and LED snap-ins... Really great manufacturing QC :) (both my Tada68s and my Planck build failed miserably to have tolerances that tight consistently across the PCB).
Which holtites did you get/from where? do you remember?
DigiKey, .025-.035 for switch sockets and .016-.021 for leds. Get the ROHS, non-lead versions as solder flows too easily over the lead ones, clogs them.
Already on this! Was unbelievably stoked to be able to pick up a van PCB, I have an extra case and was not sure what I was going to do with it
Awesome! Can’t wait to see the build :D
@evangs you're 404ing I think you meant to link https://thevankeyboards.com/collections/just-your-type
Fixed, working on mobile is garbage which always makes me laugh when someone says that phones completely replace a laptop XD

my fingers are too fat!
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