Feb 6, 2018

inexpensive freesync monitor drops when?

most of the monitors i've seen (i'm not on the site 24/7 so i could've missed what i was looking for) that are solid freesync monitors go into the $300+ price range easily and god knows i'd love to have that massdrop monitor but i can't

with that said i'd still love to upgrade to a <$200 freesync monitor and i'm sure there are plenty of us who are in that price range for buying monitors, idk have any specific set of monitors in mind but if a more experience community members were to start a poll on the topic i think it would benefit everyone on the budget side who wants a freesync monitor

Depending on what you are looking for... I got my 24" AOC 144hz freesync monitor for around $180 ish a while back, I am extremely happy with what I got for the price.
like in the under $200 range which could include that, but since freesync doesn't really go past 120hz i would like to see some 75hz-100hz or some 27" - 32", general inexpensive monitors, im suprised at the spike in price difference between 24" and 27" variants of the same monitor, something 27" and 120hz freesync for under $200 would be ideal