Feb 6, 2018

36mm case diam != small in wrist

I just got my A660 Mondaine Classic from one of the drops. In the comment, people said that 36mm would be small on your wrist. My opinion is, always check your size, because people wrist sizes ARE vary.
I think my wrist is smaller than most of the people. Who knows.

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I agree. I have a 6.5" wrist, and 36mm or 38mm are perfect on me. I can wear a lot of 40mm as well, but the lug to lug measurement can't be too long. I never bought into the large watch trend.
I'm with both of you, and I have a 7 inch wrist. I don't go much above 42, although I make the exception for some Seiko divers. 39 is really my sweet spot and lug to lug has become an even more important factor to me, don't want that overhang!
I've got a Momentum Flatline 36 that I love to wear.

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