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Miscellaneous Kickstarter watches

There are a zillion watch projects on Kickstarter now. Below are just leventy-seven of them. Has anyone bought a recent Kickstarter watch? I ordered one that closed late last year; we'll see if it ever gets delivered. The Odyssea Mark II and the San Diego dive watches look interesting to me, but the Odyssea is a little too petite (I got burned by the similarly sized Glycine Combat Sub 42 drop here), and I'm not thrilled with the face of the San Diego. But both have nice bracelets with end links.
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I backed a Rebel Watch Kickstarter. The Rebel Aquafin. They've already done a few successful Kickstarter watches. All swiss made for under $500 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rebelwatch/rebel-aquafin-a-watch-with-a-mission
Wanna give a shout out to a project i backed, the Clairette one. It's perfect for me because it's less than 40mm, and has an automatic calender complication. Hurry up and join, only 19 days to go!
I bought one last year, a Bolido . I believe they still sell outside Kickstarter
Fantastic watch, arrived on time as promised.
Does it double as a kitchen thermometer?
To each his own. I personally like it. Some people like others. Mostly, I was commenting as the Kickstarter went smoothly and as promised.
Here's a different take on an einzeiger. No hour hand, but rather a rotating watch face.
I kind of like the looks of this one:


I might consider going for it if they had a cheaper version with a Japanese movement rather than an ETA movement.
So much info on that page but I couldn't find how thick it is. I like the design, but that is a serious heavy duty tool watch.
It's right near the top, the black Technical Specifications block. 42 x 14.9 mm, so not so thick. I have three divers, I think, that are between 17 and 18 mm thick.
This is assuming that the specs are correct. I just got a diver from Kickstarter that is almost 18 mm by my digital calipers, but was advertised in the 16s.
These kind of angular, solid, cylindrical chunk-of-metal watches are more common in these small projects than from big watch makers.
MODUCO is very nice and different actually! Seems they have only one day left but are already funded! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1976231399/moduco-watches?ref=recs&ref=discovery
This isn't a kickstarter, maybe it was at one point, it's a fairly new watch company. I quite like their designs, especially their chronoscope ones: https://www.marloewatchcompany.com/
I dig this one.
yeah, I find all their designs to be pretty sleek and classy looking. Price-wise, mostly in the affordable range. I quite like their Derwent line, but wish they come with the exhibition case-back like the cherwell line. At 38-43mm, it can easy pull off as a unisex watch.
This Hodinkee read reminded me of our conversation of value here, and what a brand needs to do to separate themselves in this sort of "entry level" arena.
"In the last half decade, I’d venture to say that the most interesting watch category is that below $1,000. Let’s face it, above that price level on up to the true luxury brands, quality tends to be consistently high and the value and “worth” of a watch becomes a little more abstract, often getting defined by murkier criteria like “brand reputation,” “resale value” and “prestige.” But those watches competing below a grand have to work a little harder to set themselves apart. It wasn’t so long ago that, besides a few Swiss Army watches and a lot of Seikos, this price range usually meant cookie-cutter designs, poor timekeeping and scratchy crowns. Now Pinion is competing with Halios, Unimatic, Baltic and Autodromo, all compelling options. "
A bit off topic, but an interesting potential use of Kickstarter occurred to me yesterday. In the midst of the extended universe of the #metoo phenomenon has come criticism by a classical music critic of the lack of female composers in the upcoming year's programs of a couple of metropolitan symphony orchestras.
I go to classical concerts, and I know that it's not easy to fill up the hall. And these guys don't get paid that much, having to resort to all sorts of side jobs. Symphonies probably have it better than opera and ballet companies, but not by much.
How to cope with people trashing you for only programming patriarchal dead white male misogynist classical music programs? The symphony companies could shut up the Twitter critics fast by offering a program of a female composer as a Kickstarter project. "We will program Any Beach's Gaelic Symphony [I randomly chose this from a website of women composers] for our 2019 season if Kickstarter backers will fully fund it in advance."
There could be levels that include hotel and air fare from major U.S. and European hubs, so that Twitter smartasses from around the world can put their money where their mouths are. Then sit back with some popcorn and watch it crash and burn. Or succeed. The symphony wins either way. It either has a guaranteed profitable concert, or it shuts up the critics (although Twitter can never be shut up).
I've read about this brand elsewhere, too, and I like much of this design. It is a little busy on the dial for my liking between the text and the logo.
The big thing is once I'm spending that kind of money, I'm going with something well known. Once you get beyond a few hundred dollars in terms of budget, your options become nearly limitless. It's difficult for an unknown brand to break in to that level, I'd imagine.
"The big thing is once I'm spending that kind of money, I'm going with something well known."
That's how I feel.
One thing that bugs me with the watch I did order is that although it came in under $200 and checked all the boxes, sapphire, etc., it had a bracelet and three straps, plus an elaborate mini suitcase box. For a watch at this level I want the money put into the watch itself, for instance custom bracelet end links. I can buy my own straps, and the %#$@%@ box is just a storage or disposal problem.
Agreed 100%. The fact that many of them advertise it as a plus (the one I linked to above) is silly.
Some people should not be designing watches. Woof.
I recognize a couple of the company names on here from Facebook and Instagram ads that I regularly get served for watches (Manchester Watch stood out).
Lots of Royal Oak clones, 2 of the first 3 I clicked on.
I ordered last Fall from Martenero but did so as they are a fairly established brand and already had multiple models. I believer they used Kickstarter to help cover the cost of launching a new one. Still waiting on delivery but I'm confident I'll receive it.