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"Alice in Wonderland" Custom keycap set

Here is a sample render of a keycap set I've been desigining for a while now. The legends use a custom font I created for this set. The idea is to (initially) produce this as PBT DSA dye-sub. Looking forward to see how many of you would be interested in it, and what comments you might have.
Looking forward to your feedback: Please fill in the survey here:
Here is the official Interest Check thread on geekhack: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=93945.0
Thank you :)
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Just came across this set’s discussion/IC. I love it,. i searched LINGUA FRANCA & came across this. If you are using this brand for this DSA set. You have a winner. I was blown away by their quality, so hope it becomes a reality. I listed my email address in your google IC form, please email me when you have gb info.
I feel like larger legends like this could make use of the larger flat area of XDA to look less crowded onto the top of the key in DSA. To My eye it looks a bit too pushed to the edges now.
How about cherry profile??
No plans for that at the moment, but if you know a manufacturer able to produce that profile, let me know.
I am not sure but KBDfans from China will know about cherry profile manufacturer.
Man, I'm learning a lot about rendering (easy when you start with next to no knowledge ;) Here is a new render, with even truer colors:
Thnx for filling in the updated survey, everyone!
I would appreciate any links that helped you get started :D
You mean with blender? I've had some modelling experience, but for lighting and rendering tutorials I found this guy to be very informative and helpful: "Blender Guru" Andrew Price, look him up on youtube. He also has good tutorials on modelling. Finding something about projection mapping for textures is harder, so I've pieced it together from various sources.
I didnt expect to feel the lime as hard as i am
Highly recommend you to check out this link : https://en.zfrontier.com/products/es-lingua-franca that it has full list of modifier and specific length regarding to all the keyboards in the market. But following the list to create the modifier would match almost everyone’s requiremenot I assuem.
I like very much your alice key set design. I prefer big legend letter and dsa, pbt, dye sub.
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I'd like to use this key caps, asap. When do you expect this key caps announce on massdrop.?
Cant't say yet, but rest assured, I'm trying to deliver it asap as well :)
Here are some new renders, now updated with correct colors :)


The survey has been updated as well, with color preference for alphas and modifiers. Thank you for filling it in! I will also look into making a massdrop poll, once I figure it out :)
The third one looks pretty good. Are you going to have a group drop in the MassDrop or make a group buy in somewhere else? no matter which way you choose, plz remember to update here, so people like it won’t miss it.
I will certainly update this post, as well as the one on reddit and geekhack, as soon as I know where it will be made.
I would buy this
Quirky, I feel like this would pair up nicely with the Input Club K-Type.
Thanks :)
this font looks like some variant of Kabel?
No idea, it's a font I came up with, and drew all the glyphs myself. Wasn't inspired by anything specific.
Plz plz make a group drop here! Also Plz include the Minila and 68 modifier! I will definitely get in for sure! Plz Plz Plz start the droping! can wait anymore!
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Just filled the survey. I will follow up. Don't keep me waiting for tooooo long
I'm trying to make it happen as soon as possible :)
There are now 15 (!) kits to choose from, and I will be refining them and hopefully adding more color options soon. The survey and geekhack thread have been updated :)
Update on the development: there are new kits, novelties and colors to choose from! Please fill in the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/07yuj7MFZ5zgA4md2
Thank you!
Filled in. Love the colors, expecially the cream-one.
first of all, i really like the idea and PBT DSA dye-sub sounds very good. I personally think the font is outstanding and perfectly suits the theme. I really like the Icons too. The only thing i miss somehow is color. The mushrooms for example or the bunny could be more colored. There is some place for a checkboard design too (maybe win-key?). Dont know how this will work with pbt though and i think zou already have thought about this. Anyway i am in and looking forward to this.
Thanks a bunch! I will look into adding some color, but want to do so sparingly, to keep the subtle look. Adding color to novelties is a good idea. And yeah, 5 side dye sub would be great to increase design options. Maybe some day PMK will offer that :)