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How do you store / display knives and EDC items?

Anyone else have this "problem" where they wake up to grab all their things for the day and think...
I've been using a WOLF watch box to store some of the knives that I carry most alongside my EDC items.
I don't own 10 watches, but I do own more than 10 knives. Dump trays are okay, but I like having individual spots for knives and watches. I've seen watch boxes and knife cases, but I've never seen one that combines both - have you? Hoping to see some photos of how other folks are keeping their various EDC essentials organized.
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My pockets... clearly I don't have enough knives!
ive got an old watch box that's got room left in it just in case. Right now it's displaying some watches from my childhood that don't run anymore.
As for knives, I only have a mini griptilian. guess I figured I should buy one knife and be done with it. There's a cheap gerber folder somewhere around the house but none of us EDC that.
This is my solution, i searched for ages for the one of these old tool boxes an finally got lucky! Heavy used look is fine with me, just gave it new felt on the insides. Good thing is, with the open front lid which lies down when opened i also have a little place for my true daily carry to snag it in the morning. And one drawer still free to fill... 😁

I dont display. My EDC tools are scuffed, scratched and worn. No need to display. All of my fixed blades are in a bin out of the way, most of my folders are clipped to a bin for easy access.
I placed floating shelves in my closet so when I get dressed in the morning, I have all my most used watches, knives, etc. there for the choosing.
Antique wooden machinists toolbox : flipdown front panel with felt lining, felt in all drawers, drawers are of diff depths, and a large top tray area....They make new ones the same way now too.
Organized? Looks like you have a better start on it than I do. I have my least used knives in a pelican case and the rest God knows where.
I learned after surviving a nighttime house fire, that you had better have your EDC loaded in the next days pants and hanging within easy reach before you go to bed. I will never forget that.... Always be prepared...seconds count
I understand completely what you mean. The box I use is already filled...

I welded this up with some diamond plate & misc stuff I had laying around. I'm going to polish it to either a chrome like finish or possibly s satin finish...
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dude. Sell these! $$$$$$
If I were to make sell these, I would sell them for $10 & still make a profit....it’s shipping that would blow it. Size/weight.
Who needs a dining room table? :P



Those pictures are missing about 2 or 3 new folders and at least 3 Moras. Sadly the collection lives in a drawer unless something is being used. I need to figure out a way to display the nicer stuff at least.
My knives have a small box full of toilet roll cores that hold them upright.
Ballin on a budget, that's some good thinking right there! Pics?
Dude, impressive frugality!
I have a decorative wire basket that sits on my nightstand that holds my EDCs. Phone, Keys, Wallet, Knives, chains, rings, other shiny things.
I guess its about form and function. I am setting up my apartment (studio) to have an easy "stand in one place to get ready" design, so having the drop basket helps.
I built a little rectangular wood caddy that I keep by my sink for my EDC. Simlar to the DaLuca Caddy that was/is on Massdrop recently. I had the wood, and one of my boys wanted to do a "project". It's approx. 10" wide by 14" long. Fits the side of my sink/counter nicely. holds plenty, even a gun if I'm just changing pants etc. (goes in the safe if not going back on,, I've got kiddies, no firearms lying around!). As for knives, I've got another idea, for a fun "project", for a hanging storage, display "board". If I get around to making it, who knows, maybe I'll build a bunch and and sell them here to you all!!!
Sometimes I just leave it laying around the house!
Occasionally it gets a little messy...
But where's the fun in hiding it all away?
I say: go with the flow!
know what I mean?
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My 6XXs have been in limbo-land for three months--hope they haven't spoiled!
Not true! But it did take half the day to clean up the mess ;- )
I bought some clear plastic cases for fishing lures - they have removable inserts to adjust the size of individual compartments, to accomodate different size items. With these it's easy to find what I'm looking for w/o making a mess. They also have lids that close securely, will not scratch anything and they're stackable.
This is for storage, my EDC is in my pockets and gets moved over when I change clothes :-)
That is awesome,how does one come across one of those display cases?
I use a Kershaw storage bag for some folders in case of an emergency where I need to grab-n-go, but most of my knives are all over the place.
"It's not messy, it's free range."
Knives are so much trouble when you get into buying them... *** Trouble on my left, Trouble on my right I've been facing trouble 'cause all my knives My sweet love, won't you pull me through? Everywhere I look, I glimpse a knife I said it was love and I did it for life (did-did it for knives) -Knife The Elephant
The large Spyderco Knife holder works very nicely. Has clear pouches for up to 21 knives of various sizes, from folders to medium sized fixed blades in sheaths. Also rolls up for storage or travel. Hang it on a nail on the wall. I also use it to hold a lot of my EDC when I don’t have pants on.
In a cabinet quickly running out of space.
Here is my setup, IKEA cabinet represent

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Thank you, I'm very happy with the end results!
Those are "Spyderco knife stands", both big and small versions that I'm using. https://www.spyderco.com/catalog/details.php?product=97
Best I have seen. Great job man!
Tool boxes work great.
Nice spot for some nice knives! Bharucha, Begg, Hoback, Olamic, WE, and I see you have a Torrent in there, that's a sweet little knife. I've visited Millit a couple of times, keep your eyes on the site for a launch coming up very soon that I think you might like...
Right on, Jonas.👍 Will do!
I have to admit I found the idea of storing things considered everyday carry to be very funny. With collections like these we should add Monday Carry, Rainy Day Carry, First Date with a Coworker Carry, I've Not Yet Been But I Hear It's Great Carry....
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Dopp bags...so many dopp bags...I should probably label them. I've definitely confused INYBBIHIGC with FDWACC. Which makes some sense since there's definitely a venn diagram in that.
Fortunately that isn't too big of screw up, unless it was too intense or intimidating for a FDWACC.
I use an old bamboo charging station.  Current in use items go in the slots and removable top tray, while others go into the space designed for the power bar.  It cost $14 at Walmart, and should last for a while, as long as my EDC collection doesn't get any bigger.  That doesn't happen though, right?
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Good luck!
Figured I’d include a photo for any interested.
I use a machinist tool box. It has a lot of shallow drawers and works great. The one I have is wood. Some of the older ones are really nice but are expensive. I got mine at harbor freight for about $80.00
I don't display them. I have a few recent purchases on my computer desk in their original boxes. The rest of them are stored in a giant Rubbermaid container (also in their boxes) with plenty of desiccant.
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Do you rotate them in and out, or only use a few?
Speaking strictly of knives, I have 6 (1 fixed, 5 folders) that I rotate through for regular use and the rest stay in storage.
Some people have dump trays... I have a dump table.
I'm not posting any photos. I plead the Fifth.
I have a friend who has that exact problem. His table is overrun. It's a real problem...
I avoid pics of my desk, it is a mess of EDC and nerdy accoutrements .
I use a $8 3 drawer paper tray that I’ve lined and keep on top of my gun safe
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I'm using the same thing
There is a larger wider model I may have to upgrade to - it's in the bathroom organization section at walmart for $13 and it's 12" wide vs. the 9" on this one (same depth)