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No preorder yet for the brown dial (H69429901), but there a product page on Hamilton's site exists now: https://shop.hamiltonwatch.com/hamilton-collection/field/h69429901-khaki-field-mechanical.html
How much?
The internet overlords were listening and served this up to my inbox this AM.
Love this watch. Have one on special order from my local jeweller. Can't wait.
I've seen people saying on various boards there is a waiting list, etc. Did you just want to kick some money to your local jeweler/AD or could you not order online?
It is not available in Canada (where I live) yet. If I order online, then I'd have to pay duties. My jeweler is an official Hamilton distributor, so they will get it first when it hits Canada. I am #1 on that list, so that pretty much guarantees I'll get it.
@Dpasta don't have intentions of selling but if you want to offer me over MSRP I would consider. You can buy from Hamilton currently or at Hodinkee and get additional warranty.
@c0rnelius - It's a great watch. Decent power reserve, solid and quiet movement, drilled lugs, perfect size (IMO), and comes on a quality strap. As the weather warms I can see this getting even more wrist time when I am outdoors more frequently.
I love the vintage styling they chose for this. While you can get a screaming good deal on some of the Khaki Field models right now, I didn't care for the aesthetics the last few years. They had gotten too large for a field watch, and I like the fact that they dropped the date window/wheel complication for this release. I had not worn this thing in over a week - picked it up, wound it for 30 seconds, set the time and I was off. I love that simplicity, and to me that is what I want in a field watch.

Other assorted thoughts - the crystal reflects a good deal, but I'd rather that then have an anti-reflective coating to scratch up. Lume is good, not Seiko bright, but good. I was very pleasantly surprised by the stock strap: high quality and very comfortable. I almost always swap straps upon getting a new watch but this one isn't going anywhere.
How much do u want for this one?
@Vintage1982Benz could you post a few pics and maybe some of your thoughts about owning the H69429931 here?
Sure. I'll wear it tomorrow and post more then. Short version is I like it quite a bit.
Sounds good. I've been contemplating this (or the upcoming brown dial), the "with-date" field mechanical (cuz it's super affordable atm), or going vintage mil-spec. But I've been watching and its seems like eBay prices of a good Hamilton GG or Mil-B might be a little inflated atm with all of the blog interest. I was hunting for one back in fall '17 and they were trading for a lot less.
I seem to have missed this one.....Hope they do it again....
Hasn't been dropped here, to my knowledge. Available directly from Hamilton and Hodinkee tho!
ok....thanks...I have only just become aware of this watch myself....would love one....
The standard, non-vintage style model is already a great value with a street price under $300, but this is a very attractive package.
and this stock strap looks much better than the canvas straps on the standard hand-winder.
Also love that they removed the date window, but I'm sure that will be controversial.
What a great price...
I'm a big fan of the cleaner, more military (and vintage) design. Quality movement. Great size for the style, happy they aren't making it 40-42mm. Hand winding. Drilled lugs.
They just nailed it on this one, IMO.