Feb 8, 2018

What are you writing with today? [Ongoing]

Here's an opportunity to show off your pens and ink, and let us know what you're writing with today.

Right now I'm using a Visconti Divina (my first time using one of these), and though the nib is quite nice I had a little trouble figuring out how to fill it up. This experience reminded me why I like demonstrators so much - how do you know it's full?? Sigh.
Despite this, the Walden Pond I [probably] filled it up with pairs nicely with the color scheme of this Desert Springs edition of the Divina.

So. What are you writing with today?

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Decisions, decisions...
whats it called?
It's a test tube holder and those are 60ml test tubes--full of a few of my pens. Of course it wasn't designed for that purpose. It's made my Liby Glass and was intended for drinking shots of alcohol (mixology as they called it), by people who probably shouldn't. My use is safer, no?
Today I'm writing with an assortment of Kaweco AL Sports and Liliputs, mostly with stubs and broad nibs. I find lots of their nibs too dry, so have had to buy more than my fair share of extra nibs in my quest for wetter ones. It was worth it, though; I'm no good at tweaking nibs to make them wetter, although I've tried and tried...sigh.... I say it was worth the extra nibs because I love AL Sports and Liliputs; they're adorable, well made, and their small size fits my very small hands perfectly. I'm using an assortment of inks that shade all over the place; I won't buy inks that don't shade.
Wait--you write with them?
Today, I’m writing letters to fountain pen enthusiasts like myself, so I use several pens in each letter, sharing various inks and their names as I go. So inked up at the moment: Lamy Vista, two Lamy Safari (Petrol and Umber), two Lamy Al-Star (Pacific and Blue-green), Parker Urban, Platinum 3776 Chartres, Pilot Vanishing Point carbonesque, Pilot E95S, TWSBI Vac Mini (smoke), TWSBI Eco T (blue), TWSBI Eco (clear), and lastly, a Pelikan demonstrator that I’ve had for over 10 years...that I don’t know the model name for.
not a fountain pen today but i love my pentel sharp kerry
Very nice! That's hands-down my favorite fancy mechanical pencil.
An old Laban with filigree pattern that I really like. Lays down a smooth consistent fine line.
Beautiful pen
So today, so far it's mainly a Conklin Nighthawk Titanium with a custom ground (from 1.1mm stub) to something closer to ~0.8mm and a thinner cross stroke too. I'm using Diamine Moon Dust (great ink and it 'matches' the pen nicely.
I'd love an ID if anyone knows off the top of their head; I've had this pen for around ten years (as can be seen by the worn plating) and still have no idea what it is.

Unidentified Sheaffer:

Here is the nib if that helps:

Have you looked through this?

Found it. Fashion / TRZ page 4 from link above.

Your pen reminds me of the blue Lamy Studio which I have been admiring from a distance.
I think that it is a Sheaffer Agio. They are discontinued but still fairly readily available.

I have a TRZ and a Fashion, and they have different grip sections and nibs from the picture.

The TRZ and the Fashion use the difficult-to-find and discontinued Sheaffer Slim II cartridge and converter. The Agio uses the normal (proprietary) Sheaffer cartridge and converter.
1. A Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Carbon Fiber black with a custom Hebrew(?) ground nib and Noodler's Heart of Darkness. 2. A Montblanc Titano with Pilot IC100 blue ink. 3. A Namisu Ixion titanium fountain pen with custom italic ground nib and Diamine Caramel Sparkle ink.
Pelikan M800 in Red with a Mottishaw BBB cursive italic, Namiki Bamboo with a Mottishaw B cursive italic, OMAS T2 with a fine, and a vintage Swan with a fine flex nib.
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Two (not saying which ;p) of these are proper grail pens.
Haha, cool.