Aug 2, 2016115 views

When will Mass drops add new GPU and CPU drops?

I am starting a new build and it would be great if mass drop dropped the prices of some gpus and cups. When do you think they will drop the prices of the i5-6600k , the I7-6700k or the gtx 1060 from msi and amd RX480?

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I have more money then that Plebtech, but I'd be in the market for an I7-6850 and a GTX 1080 or titan xp
Hard to say, bigger companies like intel and gpu manufacturers; MSI and EVGA. They have no reason to put their products on here, since they already sell like fire. Although it still happens, it isn't like mech keyboards or monitors.
GPU's are up over in tech
I know CPUs are hard, theres almost no margin in them and theres less competition do to direct sales from the vendor rather than multiple OEMS using NVIDIA hardware to make their own versions of a GPU
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