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Do You Have a True Beater Watch?

Do you have and use a beater watch that you honestly don't care what happens to it? A watch that you would wear while working on machinery or in a way that would almost guarantee that the crystal would be scratched? My sense is that "beater" has come to mean a beloved lower-priced watch, not a watch that you really don't care about damaging. Even when a "beater" is beaten up, you don't want it any more beaten up.
I contemplate this question as I prepare to paint my back fence today.
I think a true beater would have to be a $20 chartreuse woman's watch or something like that for me to truly not care about it.

I've mostly ever owned beaters because I used to work with large scale painting and construction work for theaters. No use spending good money on a watch that will last exactly one day before its scratched and caked in paint. I've bought 2 low end sports watched for the purpose. 2 because the first one lost an unfortunately and poorly thought out fight with some fast orange and clear gloss paint is great for fixing a horrifically scratched watch, but unsurprisingly impossible to clean paint off of.
I had a nice Fossil watch for a while, but it was a time before i really appreciated watches so it's somewhere in the ether.
nothing like the Seiko skx007/skx013
I have two. The true beater is my Invicta 8926 OB, which is a watch that looks great to wear (being a Submariner homage), can take a beating with the NH35 movement, and would be cheap to replace if destroyed. The other is a Jaques Lemans quartz, which I wear when I need a dressy beater. I'll wear that one sometimes when I travel for work and there could be risk of damage or theft. If I still had the Invicta on the bracelet, that could also be a dressy beater.

What I wear as a "beater" tends to change over time because, well I beat them to death eventually.
I do have a watch I wear at my job daily because I don't want to trash out my nice watches. A Seiko solar model.
Prior to that watch I used a Casio WaveCeptor, Seiko 5 Sports, Vostok Komandirskie. The Casio had an operation button break off, and the Seiko 5 trashed-out 2 movements when I gave up on it. Got 5 years on this one now.
Then for heavy chores at home I mainly wear a Casio Super Illuminator "Marlin" now.
Prior to this watch I killed a Casio digital, Wenger Swiss Army (1990s vintage), and a variety of other old watches I used to wear regularly that got beat-up looking over time.
Pretty much any sort of watch I consider disposable will become a beater-watch over time.
Not so much looked at as a “beater”, but more of a throw anything at it, zombie apocalypse tool, the Seiko SNZG15. This guy goes to the shooting range, driving range, workshop, etc. Pretty much I figure if I am going to be in a spot where it might get beat up, this is my go to
Up until i got my Oris, I was wearing my Timex Ironman 30-lap. Its been my trusty companion through 4 half-marathons, numerous camping trips and gone with me to more than half a dozen countries.
I have one or two everyday watches that I just try not to worry about. I do field/stream work, driveway mechanics, and plenty of dishes with my SKX007. Before that, it was Amazon specials like a Timex Weekenders, Expeditions, and analog Casio's (haven't had a G-shock yet).