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Daily "new products" email subject lines

A while back I posted that the daily emails NEED to have a common Subject line so that we can filter or procmail or sort those daily emails of new drops. They used to have "Hi <username>! Announcing New Products: ". Then Massdrop changed that. I posted a "complaint" about that (can't find where now) and poof -- Massdrop fixed that and put the Subject lines back to a common beginning.
Uh oh... today's new products email went back to NO COMMON BEGINNING! Can't sort or filter them anymore (since those and all other massdrop emails come from the same email addr).
Massdrop -- PLEASE fix this soon. Make all of the daily "new drop" emails begin with some common text (like the one noted above).

Fearlessleader! I'm sorry that it's frustrating not being able to quickly discover the daily drop email.
Is there a way you can filter for messages from the sender instead - info@i.massdrop.com ?
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Dear Fearlessleader!
You're totally right - many people do have image blockers turned on, which definitely can make it so that the signal we read in the ab test could have been inaccurate.
The test also indicated that retention and visit days to the massdrop site increased in the group with the new subject line.
I wish everyone looked for the subject line the same way you do and was as remarkably dedicated as you are to the experience and improving it for yourself and others. Sadly, according to the data the majority of people prefer (as measured by increased retention) the new subject line and thus we've kept it.
I agree that the new subject line does not afford for easy sorting. And with that, I've asked engineering to set you up with the old subject line since we still have the code. Let me know if everything is back to normal tomorrow!
All the best, Louis
Thank you very much.