Feb 13, 2018355 views

How do you store your keyboard/keycap collection?

is there a more elegant solution here haha
Locomotor, seville57, and 2 others

I recently came across these plastic storage boxes with a handle an clear top. Have one for switches and keycaps, will definitely buy more. Especially since they were B-Stock they were like $4 each.
Will update with picture.
Like this.
Try some cheap clear glass jars for keycaps . They look nicer than in some plastic bags, and you can stack them more easily. I prefer small ones so I can divide them into rows or alphas and modifiers since most keycaps I got are just blanks. Artisans in glass look really good too.
Oh, i like this idea.
Most of my sets are on boards, which are either on display or in their boxes in my office closet. Spare GMK/JTK stuff stays in the trays. The misc OEM caps are bagged up, labled, and share a box with my various board parts.
I have acquired much plastic... Where do i put all this now >.>
I store mine underground. In my rabbit hole.