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Watch Gang

Just discovered this the other day- pretty cool looking. I nabbed a couple sick watches off their “wheel spin” feature for about 1/3 their price elsewhere. Anybody else have experience with them? Oh, and they also give away a Rolex each month.
Check it: http://bit.ly/2EuFNvc

where is this wheel spin feature? i just joined out of interest but im not really seeing anything extra after joining.
Try logging in at app.watchgang.com
I've read about watch gang, and I am pretty sure one or two people around MD have used in the past, but I don't know anyone personally. It's a novel idea, and I think a great way to fuel the fire for budding and veteran watch geeks. Watch Gang has never been on my radar truthfully however, as I seek out my time pieces with specificity.
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ah. Good to know! Thanks for the tips. I think the world of watches is going to cost me 😬
Same. I already signed up for the watch gang thing. If nothing else I will have some badass christmas presents this year. At best I'm going to develop a love and appreciation for analog watches that I haven't had until now. Thanks, Massdrop.