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Basel World 2018

Well friends, the time is fast approaching for what is one of, if not THE most important watch show of the year, BaselWorld. So, aside from what seems to be an over abundance of Rolex predictions (Yes, there is a very fine world of time pieces outside of Rolex), who wants to see what hopefully coming down the pipe?
I for one hope that, just as some brands have been mining the 60s and 70s for inspiration, the 80's might get hit on. I'd also like to see a return to watches that are more restrained and modest, especially in sizes.
TAG has also already announced a new Carrera Heuer 02 (Shown above), with a totally in house movement.
Rolex is celebrating 65 years of the Submariner, so needless to say, It will have something to say this year. With the Cellini Moonphase last year, it would be cool I think if they released an updated Zerograph, though that's the movement nerd in me.
And Breitling released some cool pieces last year, and I hope they keep the party train rolling, even with the possible influence this year of the new owners.
Anyone else?
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I think the trend of releasing an anniversary watch every five years is becoming a bit overdone.
I like the idea of something special for big years (see the 100th Anniversary Cartier Tank), and I'll admit some of the "arbitrary" year anniversary editions are super cool (e.g. the Omega '57 Trilogy), but I'm still not entirely sold on the 35, 55, etc year anniversaries.
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Are you ready for the Apple Watch 3-year anniversary model?
Ummm...... No. Good thing they haven't released a round Watch yet, then I MIGHT have one....might.