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Missing lume on Oris Aquis “Meister Taucher” watch

Soooo... I got the Regulateur today; arrived in five days, but that’s beacause it was shipped by the vendor and not MassDrop... (hint, hint @MassDrop , people want faster shipping options,).
Unfortunately, there is an issue with the watch, as in Oris’ watchmakers completely forgot to add lume to the 10 o’clock hour marker!


Obviously not a good situation, but this leads to the second problem... the shipping label on the box reads “MASSDROP INC. (RETURNS DEPT.)”!! I sent a picture of the label to Customer Support. I won’t post it here, as it shows my address. I’ll cut it out and post if anyone wants to see it.
Lets see what Customer Support suggests, but chances are they’ll want me to pay for return postage, and that would not be cool on a $1,699 watch which has to be insured, which should bring the total shipping price over $120.
I‘l update once I get a response from CS.

Welp, RIP the dream my friends...
As expected, MD doesn't have any other timepieces available, so they'll refund the purchase. They did include a prepaid UPS shipping label, so that's very much appreciated.
Steinhart offers a hand-wound Marine Regulator in 42mm, but it doesn't have lume and I'm not too keen on it's styling. I've been eyeing the new Nav B-Uhr A-Type Dual Time (GMT) in 44mm, so maybe I'll go with that piece, or just save the money for another future purchase.
The cheapest price for the set offered here with the rubber and titanium bracelets is $2,700 on Amazon, but the only vendor with stock doesn't ship to Puerto Rico... bummer.
Anyway, I want to thank all the replies and I hope the rest of the drop participants receive perfect timepieces. Also, thanks to MD support for the swift reply and resolution to the matter.
Also, about the "Returns Dept." shipping label... the vendor placed it so USPS would know where to return the package if it got lost in transit. Explanation by MD support makes sense.
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If you're specifically after a regulator, there's the Christopher Ward C8? https://www.christopherward.co.uk/c8-regulator-8ea547/?goto=sViewRange
Honestly, I'd ask them for a $2 or $300 refund or credit and keep it. It's a cosmetic, not functional, defect, that is only visible in the dark. On their end it's probably a complete loss, so they'd probably be open to bargaining.
That is unbelievable to say the least. sorry to see this Jake
Customer Support got back to me and said the ticket was bumped up to a specialized team... which only works Monday through Friday... : (
@sistem_32 Seems Oris quality control isn't the best in the business. I understand issues like this happen from time to time, but they seem to be especially prevalent on their timepieces. I own a 43mm Aquis Date on a rubber strap bought from an online AD (Tourneau). I returned the first one because of a very woobly crown stem and because the dial (sunburst blue) had many dust particles and finger streaks. The folks at Tourneau were very helpful and they inspected the second timepiece before shipping. It is one of my favorite watches, and that sunburst dial is awesome, but if even one percent of the QC complaints against Oris on forums are true, they seem to be sloppy when building timepieces.
@YanDoroshenko Yeah, it sucks bigtime, but here's hoping MassDrop steps up and explains the shipping label thing. I know MD didn't build the watch, but this is something I've brought up in the past... MD should have watch experts thoroughly inspect pieces before shipping; if they did, issues like the one I'm experiencing would be caught in time.
In this case, the watch was shipped by the vendor, and seeing as no papers were included besides the manual and the service center booklet, the grey market vendor they used didn't do a particularly good job of inspecting the watch before sending it.
That sucks a bunch of shit, mate, I feel for you. Looking forward for the Massdrop's response.
What a bizarre mistake! I'm surprised that a $1699 watch with such a glaring error made it to a customer. Here's hoping your return goes smoothly.