Feb 20, 2018

Phoibos Wavemaster

Hello everyone, I‘m quite new to the watch community as I just started getting into mechanical timepieces last year. I was looking into a sub $500 diver when I came across a company called Phoibos based in China. I particularly like the Wavemaster series and for the price around $220-230, I think you get a lot of value for the watch. What do you think about this company? Has anyone dealt with them or purchased a watch from them?

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No experience with the brand here, but I know for that kind of coin, you can get a lot of Seiko divers with at least a 200m depth rating (probably some Citizen and Victorinox too). With that said, it's probably why I haven't looked at a Phoibos.

Nice looking watch, that blue is very "Smurfy", so thanks for posting
Thanks for your opinion! Yes it seems Seiko has a good foothold around this price range. I’m not sure if watches made in China still have a somewhat of a lingering stigma attached to them, but I was intrigued by the offering of a ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal with AR coating, 300 M water resistance, screw down crown, hacking/hand winding with a Seiko movement for $220. I guess time will tell how they do in terms of overall quality.
Well, for me yes, a stigma still exists with regards to watches from China, especially those with indigenous movements. I just know trusted people personally that have had less than ideal experiences with Seagull and a couple other. I am sure the Chinese brands will eventually get an original recipe right, I just don't feel enough sincerity is put into making anything more than just a "watch" right now. Again, simply an opinion though.

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