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[Ongoing] Battlestations Discussion

On Massdrop, there are beginners who are just starting out and experts who really know their stuff. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, you should always be able to find answers to your questions within the community.
BATTLESTATIONS Your battlestation is as unique as your fingerprint. No two are alike. From the GFX cards to the headsets, there are a ton of ways to customize your setup. Whether you’re striving to beat the competition or to achieve the most comfortable layout for all your gear, there will be many different views on the matter.
ASK QUESTIONS Need to find a graphics card that’s within your budget, but can still get the job done? Maybe the low DPI on your mouse is driving you insane and you need some recommendations? Or maybe you need some guidance mounting your monitors and managing those cables?
The best way to find the answers to your questions is to ask the community. There are members who are experts in pretty much every area you can imagine, and they can help you go from beginner to pro.
Ask your questions by posting in the discussion below.
GIVE ANSWERS Many of you in the community know a lot about what it takes to set up a solid battlestation and have great information to share. We encourage you to help out anyone who has questions!

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darusim, AveryC, and 14 others

Wanted to do something different, I have been a fan of Robotech for many years and this is what happened... :) Not finished with the lighting yet and I will laser etch the glass with the robotech logo next week. Parts: InWin DFrame (Orginal) Blue Build quality and the look is amazing to my eye... Gigabyte Aorus Pro WiFi x390 8086k 32GB (4x8) DDR4 3200 Zotac 2080 Blower edition NZXT AIO Custom Star Trek Enterprise edition bamboo top for my desk Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor: U3818DW Sound Blasterx Katana soundbar GSkill RipJaws RGB Keyboard Logitech MX Maser mouse Dell Canvas (not shown)


Thought I'd add my setup here. The PC consists of: -EVGA DG-87 case -Aorus X299 Gaming 9 -i9 7900x from Silicon Lottery, delidded with liquid metal, at 4.5-4.7GHz -64GB 3466MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB (I want to replace these with something more aesthetically pleasing) -Aorus 1080 ti Extreme Waterforce WB SLI -Samsung 960 Evo 1TB (Windows) -Samsung 960 Pro 512GB (Mac) -3TB External Backup drive -Corsair LL140 RGB fans x6 -EVGA Supernova 1600 P2 PSU Full custom loop (first time I've done that) I still need to get some custom cables and work out some kind of cover solution to hide the rat nest in the basement area. Peripherals: -Samsung 4k 55" MU8500 -Alienware AW3418DW 1440p Ultrawide -Harmon Kardon Soundsticks 3 for the Mac side -LG SK8Y Soundbar for the Windows side (thanks, Massdrop!) -Razer Cynosa Chroma -Razer Lancehead Mouse -Razer Firefly Hard Edition -Astro A50 gen 3 -Steam Controller -Xbox Elite Controller -HTC Vive -Apple TV 4k I'm currently looking for a good gaming chair with a leg rest. Always have my feet up on the back of the desk unless I'm playing a game from the couch. I love Gigabyte's hardware, but their RGB software is hot garbage. Unless they get RGB Fusion to a usable state in the next couple years, my next rig will probably be all ASUS hardware.


Just curious on how much your pc was and when you built it, I’m planning to do a build and I think your rig looks beautiful
Thank you. The PC by itself comes out to around $6000 on pcpartpicker. That’s with a few oddities because the aorus 1080 ti WBs don’t come up so I used the AIO 1080 ti’s. Had to add the water cooling components manually, etc. i built it it last spring around the time the X299 boards and 7900x were released.
Ok I've got another potentially stupid question. Would it be a good idea to buy a pre built desktop (like a basic hp model) and then start adding parts afterwards? I have a few pictures that should show what computers I'm looking at.
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Nice gaiman reference.

I have an older system looking to upgrade soon, but she goes. AMD 8350 oc @4.6 Gigabyte G1 gaming 970 Gigabyte 990fx Gaming mobo 16gb ddr3 @1866 Psu corsair csm850 240 gb trion ssd and two 2 tb Hdd CFI Borealight case Love my logitech periferals G602 and G810 (honorable mention to the G27 wheel i do racing with and X240 2.1 sound ive had for 14 years now) Sweet sweet sound with the massdrop PC37x sennheisers(possibly the best headset on the market for the money) all shown on a 50"4k tv above a 28" monitor. I need some hardware before i upgrade to 1440p 144 hz from this 1080 60hz. that will truly be the ultimate set up for me when im done. THIS all sits on my custom HAND BUILT desk, that i made of wood to match the floating bed frame i also made, with rgb underneath. Im honestly proud of it, I built it all by my own hand, and am jumping at the chance to show it off to people i dont know. Enjoy.
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A cable raceway would clean up the cable management a lot and I also I would consider getting a monitor stand to bridge the gap between the tv and the monitor
yea this is just a few minutes after i swept and set everything back up, i have to get some cable management, and im looking at new monitors and such, thinking about wall mounting my current one. Always improving, just wanted to show off a bit, thanks for the input.
Nice 6 year old battle station with some modern upgrades.
Core I5 3570K @ 4.7ghz 32gb of Corsair Vengeance A ton a 2.5 drives and one SSD. Just picked up a Seasonic 750 titanium A vega 64. All in an Corsair 750D airflow.
what cpu cooler are you using? i got the same cpu @ 4.3 ghz right now. are there any benefits of overclocking that high?
Increased IPC, and I have used a H100i and a Cryorig H7. In benchmarks my old girl keeps up with a Core I5 6600K and even beats it in some settings.
Anechoic and Isolated studio for Podcasting and Yourube. I want suggestions for a new monitor. I like G-Sync
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4K television. And yes that setup is awesome!!
Dell has some really solid g sync monitors that are considerably cheaper than Asus. Acer also has some good ones that are middle of the road
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Mines an old hp 15 inch laptop... I want to build a desktop but I'm not sure what parts I can skimp on or get used in order to keep a budget.
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so is there a particular order I should get these parts in? like case, mobo, power source, etc?
Whatever is on sale. I'd just save up and wait for the Xmas sales/after Xmas sales/new years sales. When the Thermaltake case goes on sale in the 30s, get it pronto ;) Did you get the monitor?
Dual 27" 144hz G Sync panels (x1 IPS & x1 TN) Samsung UN48JS9000F 48" 4K TV Herman Miller Aeron chair with Vendorgear headrest 6700K @ 4.7ghz MSI "Seawawk" AIO water cooled GTX 1080 ti 2TB Evo 860 Pro SSD system drive 4TB Hybrid SSD/Mechanical backup drive 16gb 3200mhz RAM Logitech G710 Blue Mechanical keyboard 1000W EVGA Power Supply (Gold)




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85C for a 6700K is gravy, this is well below Intel's spec ... not a problem; but it's a cheap CPU so I don't mind pushing it ....
I get you though ... thanks for the comment.
On swiveling double monitor stands: Do you know of a monitor stand, that would allow for: 1) two large-ish monitors be stacked on top of each other, AND 2) both monitors to be turned aside, as in 100˚ to right hand side from working position, leaving desk ”open” and monitors facing away.
I believe this would require the stand to have quite long arms, reaching from side of the monitor to it’s mounting point in the middle.
I currently have a swiveling desk stand for one monitor that I turn aside when I want to look outside the window behind my desk, get more natural light in or just take a break. I’ve been looking into possibilities of adding another monitor on top of it, but nothing that would clearly fit the bill has so far come up.
AMD Ryzen 1600x with Thermaltake NiC C5 cooler 32GB Ram I haven't messed around with Overclocking with my latest bios, but originally I was able to get 4Ghz stable on the CPU and 2900Mhz on the memory, I upgraded to 32GB since I want to start messing around with the Unreal Engine and other stuff that has a high memory usage. I probably won't try over clocking again until I'm getting closer to building a new computer in 3-5 years, lol. WD Blue 250gb SSD Boot/Fast Storage Linux (Slackware) WD Blue 250GB SSD Boot/Fast Storage Windows 10 WD Blue 1TB Linux mass storage drive WD Blue 1TB Windows 10 mass storage (I haven't booted into windows for while I haven't had time to play WoW, Destiny 2 or Overwatch Recently RIP, Hearthstone I have on my phone and runs in a Windows 7 VM, MTGO runs in a VM) MSI GTX 1070ti MSI x370 Pro EVGA 650w Modular 80+ Gold Bitfenix Black/Red sleeved cables for EVGA. All nicely packaged in a Phanteks P400 MSI DS501 Headeset DAS Keyboard Model S Professional, Blue Switch Old Razer Death Adder I am getting a Das Keyboard X40 (Tactile switches) and Das Keyboard M50 mouse.
Has anyone in here done any serious case mods that they'd like to show off? I always love seeing how people customize their hardware to make it something more than just a machine, and into a piece of art.
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I did not. I am much better at computers than I am with wood so I ended up taking it to a local woodworker. I did however make all the plans and drawings myself showing the locations for the cut outs and holes and everything. I also did the staining myself and attached the height adjustable legs and acquired the glass myself.
sweet, great work man.
Here's my co-main PC on which I'm currently mid-upgrade:
Intel Core i7 6850K overclocked to 4.2 GHz Corsair H115i AIO cooler Asus X99 Deluxe II mobo 32GB Corsair LPX RAM rated for 3200Hz Dual Gigabyte 980Ti Gaming G1 graphics cards (stock speeds for the time being) Samsung 500GB NVMe system drive Samsung 500 GB SATA SSD Dual WD Black 2TB HDDs EVGA 1000 P2 PSU Dell 34" WQHD curved IPS panel, 3440x1440 overclocked to 75Hz Corsair Air 540 case Corsair K70 RGB keyboard with Cherry MX browns Logitech G502 Spectrum mouse
This thing plays the snot out of my preferred game, FFXIV, at max settings, But as you might imagine, under game load I get high graphics cards temps (upper 82C, lower 75C) that can be controlled only by ramping up both the GPU and case fans to "ready for take-off" speed and noise levels.
The upgrade is purely designed for better cooling and noise control. It's a mostly EKWB water cooling loop with a 360 front rad, 120 top rad (a 240 technically fits but creates a hassle in terms of clearances), Thermosphere GPU blocks, Supremacy EVO CPU block, Vardar 500-2200 RPM SP fans, and an integrated D5 pump/reservoir. I'm using soft tubing throughout.
Everything is in place but the tubing, and it will be done this weekend barring any unforeseen obstacles (such as occurred the last two weekends). Temps under load should max at the low 40s per EK's configurator estimates, with dB levels at barely above room ambient. I can hardly wait to get it finished, leak tested, and running.
Meantime I'm slumming on my other main PC, a Ryzen 7 1700 / X370 / 1080Ti system that almost matches the 980Ti SLI system in game FPS and is much quieter. This one was meant for production work and originally had a third 980Ti. The only reason I have a 1080Ti installed is the deal I got on the card (Gigabyte Aorus Extreme) on Massdrop a while back, before GPU prices got stupid.
For sound I use the HDMI output of a 980Ti to feed a 5x60 watt AV receiver driving B&W 705 fronts and center and B&W 601 rears mated to an SVS 12" sealed subwoofer. Sound matters.
My desk is a motorized sit-stand, and my chair is an 8-hour rated full-mesh office chair.
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Good point. I do have a fast monitor that I sometimes use (a Dell 24" 2560x1440 with G-Synch that I run at 120Hz), but I generally prefer the 21:9 aspect ratio and IPS viewing quality. The current very fast WQHD monitors are either non-IPS or are too pricey for me to consider them a worthwhile upgrade. Maybe soon that will change.
Well if that is your opinion than you should totally stick to that And i do understand your point here
Does anyone have thoughts on my PC part list? This is my first build, and I'm trying to put together a ~$1000 rig for gaming and development. Already have a monitor/peripherals, and might have an OS as well. I'm not planning on overclocking.
CPU: Intel i5 8400 MOBO: ASUS ROG Strix H370-F Gaming ? (Recommendations appreciated for the motherboard) GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz (Hoping to upgrade later) HDD: WD Blue 1TB SATA 7200 RPM SDD: WD Black 256GB Performance SSD - M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe
If anyone has good advice for cases, power supplies, or cooling (planning on using air cooling), I'd love to hear that as well.
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hyper 212 evo for cpu cooling since you are not overclocking, this is the best bang for buck cooler out there. As for case i believe Fractal Design's Meshify C is a good case, good air and easy build in. The power supply i think a 500watt is the max that you should get since computer parts are getting more and more efficient there is no need for anything for situation. Plus most brand has 10 year warranty. GL. For motherboard it is hard to say since i dont know what are you using it for but i think a cheap motherboard from a reputable brand should be good enough since it doesn't really affect the performance for your pc.
Nah bro. RX 580 8gb!
Pieced together from different parts. She is a good rig but showing her age. When i bought the case recently it also came with a water cooler and i plan on upgrading to the 9590 soon so i dont have to change my mobo for now.
AMD 8120 Gigabyte GA 990 FX UD7 Gigabyte 1050 TI san disk ultra 2 Cooler master mastercase pro 5
Had an FX series up until the end of last month, if you can afford to make the jump to a modern chipset, it's well worth it, that said, unless you find a FX - 9xxx chip for cheaper, could shave a couple bucks and get the 83xx CPUs are, while not the biggest jump in the world, it's still noticeable, and the 9590 is pretty much just a slightly binned and pre-overclocked 83xx with a bit higher power/heat load. If you've already got the cooling and find the 9xxx chip for pretty cheap, by all means rock it and save for the GPU of the future.
I've been wanting to upgrade my Rig for a long time... Lost my main hardware components a few years back due to a bad separation (resulted in one of my two 6870's being ripped in half like card-stock somehow whilst I was away) and had to rebuild using scraps... But at least my peripherals are nice to use :)
Current config:
Abit Ip35 Pro Mobo Q9450 Core 2 Quad (OC'd to ~2.7 on stock cooler) 8 gig of mix n match ddr2 (3 diff brands) GTX 760 (gracious donation from a friend to replace my then single 6870) 850 EVGA Supernova PSU 640 GB WD CaviarBlack HDD Asus 23" 1080p monitor, 2ms response. (Plays R6S around 40-63fps with garbo filtering settings on)
Ajazz AJ52 optical (the included software sucks and doesn't work, mouse is OK though) Logitech G500 for when I actually want to game "Each" G2000 and G3000 headsets (cheap af) Mechanical Eagle z-88 (stock blues) RGB 80% W/ Carbon SA and hints of Pulse SA Varmilo VA12M Switch tester W/ Knock off Lego case and Granite DSA (to use with the z-88) Royal(piece of)Kludge RK104Pro (stock browns) W/ Granite DSA + some others
Ideally, I would like to upgrade to like:
B350/450 Mobo Ryzen 2600 (x) 16 gig ddr3 @ 3k+ GTX 1070? 512 GB SSD Fingers crossed I will be able to before too long D: Also, F video card prices. Like, For Real.
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Now that the new RTX cards have been announced, I am sad to even see that I made this recommendation after Nvidia's controversial handling of the marketing for their new product line. My apologies. :/
Ddr4 ram pls and that also 32 gigs
Yo, I've been building my station over time, I think it's great so far. Triple monitor with stands; 1 27" AOC IPS Monitor, another but only 23" which is placed to the right. To the left is an LG 23" monitor TN Panel. I've got a Corsair K70 Rapidfire keyboard, full RBG backlit. My mouse is a Razer Deathadder Chroma.
My Rig: Core i5-6400 8GBs DDR4 RAM GeForce GTX 1070 1000W Corsair Power Supply 360GB total SSD 500GB HDD Plenty of cooling, don't know what kind of case but it's got a huge fan on the top and it's made by antec
What do you guys think? :)
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Even if it is overkill it will use a small amount less power if it is rated for double the wattage it needs becuase the powersupply won’t have to work as hard. And upgradability is nice rn with everything new set to release in the next 6 months to a year.
Up Ur ram count 16gigs and HDD space to 1.5 tb
I need help getting a keyboard! Don't particularly care about noise as i use headphones. price range is not to huge, maybe $60 max. i would enjoy dedicated macro keys, and an audio wheel. My current gaming keyboard is (trigger warning) one of the really thin apple keyboards, which i like the feel of. any suggestions?
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Just re-read your question, this keyboard does not have dedicated macros or audio wheel. The keys are all programmable individually with CUE software. I believe you can use this feature to change audio using indidvidual keys.
Logitech G213 Prodigy! Easy £60 here in the UK and £45 on 3rd party stores.
I am currently looking for a great gaming keyboard, I never tried mechanical keyboards and I want to get one for my birthday, the thing is, most of the keyboards I found are extremely noisy which would be annoying for my girlfriend. Do you guys have any recommandation of a top quality mechanical keyboard that's more silent than most others? Any feedback on the "cherry mx silent" switches?!? are they really better than the others?
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go with corsair sabre...it will blow your mind
MX silent switches are not "silent," but they are much quieter than most mechanical switches I've tried. (I currently have keyboards with Cherry MX silent, red, blue, and brown plus one with a Chinese imitation blue). Whatever you choose can be made quieter by adding tiny O-rings to the caps that not only soften the bottoming out sound but can even shorten the key travel, thus making them feel faster. There are tons of videos about what O-rings to use.
i set a budget of aprox. £650 is this the best i can do. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/cJTrHh i say prox as before i buy my gpu i will wait for the price drop after the bitcoin masacre
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check out r/buildapc and r/buildmepc
I believe that there is no point of getting a 32 Gb of ssd, you can use your pc without it so i recommend save up until you can get a 500gb one. Also try not to get the 1050ti, try to get the 1060 if possible. Another thing is get a higher speed memory since you are on a Ryzen chipset, it can really effect the peformance of your pc.
Personal preferences:
dual-monitor or ultrawide monitor is an absolute must. If I had the money and, more importantly, the space, I'd get a four-monitor setup or two ultrawides on top of each other.
I also prefer wired mice over wireless. When your wireless mouse's batteries drain in the middle of something important more than once, you'll also understand.
I've been looking for a mechanical keyboard for quite some time, but until I find a good and affordable ergonomic kind, I'll be using my Microsoft Natural 4000 keyboard. If the X-Bows keyboard gets some discounts after the Kickstarter campaign, I might get one (http://www.x-bows.com/)
Get a good office chair, NOT one of those ridiculous gaming chairs, they're for chumps and not designed for ergonomics.
Also make sure you get a good desk. Adjustable height is preferrable, but if your office chair is good, that's not quite as important. Make sure it's big enough for stuff you store on the desk, and that it has enough drawers / other storage for other things you need to store at your battlestation.
For the PC...just set a budget and then get the beefiest components you can fit in your budget, and always buy sale items, if possible. If it's just for gaming, you don't need anything super exotic.
Logitech G903 mouse with charging mat is really good if you don't like wires and don't want to worry about battery charge
21x9 aspect ratio is the way to go for gaming and productivity. I started with 2560x1080 and later moved to 3440x1440. Regular wide screen is ok (I'm stuck with it at work), but for my private use I stick with ultrawide.
Really enjoy the Logitech G Pro keyboard and my G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse. The fact that I can sync their lights just adds the little bit of coolness on top of a great keyboard with nice, custom switches and a really good mouse for an excellent price.
Those race car bucket seat chairs absolutely infuriate me because they are so tacky and bucket seats are for safety not necessarily comfort.
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I have a herman miller embody and I dislike it.
I really like my RealForce RGB with canvas caps all together its one hell of an expensive keyboard, but you guys know all about that sort of thing .
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I could definitely agree with you but this keyboard is a very cheap and razed is a “flashy” brand so it would be cool to have for all the people that like RGB. Also it’s a hybrid mechanic keyboard.
it is still just a rubber dome, the "mechanical" part is very deceptive. They are saying that because it is "clicky" it is hybrid mechanical, which couldn't be further from the truth. You still do not get actuation of the switches before bottoming out, the definitive aspect of a mechanical switch. This is just marketing on the verge of blatantly lying.
"This week, we’re talking about battlestations—the best monitor setups, headsets, chairs, and mice for gaming." Are you kidding me? No mention of keyboards, the most important part of a good battle station...
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I would rather sit on a folding chair and use an old fashioned 1080p monitor than use a junky old keyboard.
To me the keyboard is the heart of a good battlestation. It's the most significant point of human/computer interface. A decent monitor and chair are needed of course. A beefy PC is nice too, just not as important.
Framefrate for the win lol
I'm less interested in the tech we put on the desk, but rather some tips for how to make our messy setup look like /r/battlestations! If anyone there has made progress in that direction and has tips to share let me know!
I like the idea of "spotlight" weeks for different areas of a community, keep it up MD.
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So this is mine:
And yeah, being in an apartment sadly means conduit and no drilling in walls.
But the desk was designed to specifically hide cabling in a rear internal shelf; here's a picture of it while it was under construction: http://i.chattypics.com/files/IMG_20161009_151504_a5rh23qq5q.jpg
And from the rear during it's final assembly after painting: http://i.chattypics.com/files/IMG_20161013_224441_hrb8ww6382.jpg
You can't see the rear shelf at all now, but it's big enough to house the UPS, a router, and any cabling I need neatly and out of the way.
Personly ,one of the best things to help your battlestation looking tidy is to get a cable rack like the Ikea signum or an alternative. Other than that using reusable Velcro straps are the way to go.
Great initiative!