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I think I'm in love. Another one to add to the long term list. Cool history to it and I've never seen one in the metal. I like the pop of color from the red date wheel and seconds hand.

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Definitely interesting, it's a really strange blend of dressy and sporty. The older models had a more subtle texture on the bezel that I think is even cooler.

There's something about the modern Rolex fluting on such a thin bezel that looks a bit off to me.
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I sort of love the deep blue more than the white/white gold - I'm a sucker for a well done blue dial.

It looks a lot like some models of the Vostok Komandirskie. I wonder if Russian watch factories just copied overseas designs, but at some point stopped and stuck with the retro stuff they already had in production.

I love the Rolex brandings: "Turn-o-Graph." Is there a "Time-a-Mundo"?
Some of the old ad copy in that blog post made me chuckle, as well.
The ToG's were a glorious stand out for Rolex back in the day. I remember seeing a Thunderbird model a long time ago and thought it was cool even then, before I was into watches. Up until a couple years ago, you could still find them at AD's. Not terribly likely now though.
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