Feb 23, 201869 views

Automatic titanium watches

Anyone else in desperate need of a heavily discounted titanium watch? I had to get rid of my entire collection due to allergy. Unfortunately Steinhart (one of few brands with reasonably priced titanium watches) is a no-go due to their stainless steel backs (stupid?).

No metal allergy for me, but I have a few titanium watches. Might want to look at Vostok and other Russian brands as Russia is traditionally a world leader in producing titanium and items made of it. Orient also has made some automatic watches in titanium over the years and I used to have one. I even had a titanium Seiko diver for a while. All with titanium case backs too.
Thanks! I’ve been eyeballing the Vostoks for a while, but I’m afraid they’re too big. I think 44-ish mm is as far as I can go size wise. I’m considering an Armand Nicolet S05.