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Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Keycaps

I know most of us don't get ours until summer, but it's not too soon to get our custom keycaps! Let's get the ball rolling on our custom spacebars and backspace keys.
An Ultimate Hacking Space Cadet Keyboard would be my ultimate choice, but I'd be willing to join other drops.
steve, freiheit, and 3 others

Hey, just trying to get ahold of you. I replied to your comment under GMK Space Cadet.
Keycaps of a similar width and point can be traded. It would be ideal if you take note of that there's a standard knock on the A and D keys to make touch typists effortlessly find these keys without looking – this won't not make them appropriate for supplant. https://babasupport.org/apple/ipad-customer-service-number/314" gives a lot of information about that.