Feb 26, 2018ā€¢2175 views

Massdrop x Nuforce EDC IEM replacement cables?

I got the nuforce edc monitors a few months ago and already have had some damage to the nice braided cable that came with the monitors. Is there any known way of getting a replacement braided cable or replacement cable at all? I've looked for replacements for the EDC model specifically as well as the similar HEM1 model and have found nothing!

Does someone know where i can find such .77 cables?
Unfortunately, Nuforce has been unhelpful as well when I sent their customer support this exact same question. Never got a response.
Any aftermarket .77 2-pin cable should work, according to the rep on the Nuforce EDC release thread, but none have the shrouds, which does make me a bit paranoid to use them in case of a snapped pin.
The risk of a snapped pin is low though as long as you're not yanking them sideways or abusing the shit out of them. I'm one of those people who would also like a new stock cable, but aftermarket seems the best bet at this point due to lack of options on official replacements.
I'm wondering how well aftermarket cables would work because the earbud has a stablizer rail. do the aftermarket fit there?
I'm not sure tbh. I haven't tried myself and have just been using the second stock cable, but it seems as if the typical 2-pin straight style cable fits fine based on the few pictures I've seen.
I have some Trinity Vyrus IEMs that have almost the exact same plug design as the Nuforce (shroud, stablizer rail) and I've used an aftermarket 2-pin cable on them sans an issue.
Here is a photo the rep posted in the main EDC product thread of him showing the EDC using an aftermarket cable designed for recessed plugs. Seems to work fine.
FYI, .78mm cables work as well. Any .77 or.78 pin size should work according to the rep.
Edit: okay I'm on my phone and I'm not sure if the photo is showing up cause it looks wonky on my end, so I'm just gonna link to the rep's response on using aftermarket cables: