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Straton watch company

Hello watch community,
Like you I am a watch fanatic and usually tend to collect established brands, such as Breitling or seiko. Lately I’ve been interested in some microbrands who have proven themselves worth the investment. I really like the Straton Curve 70s car racing look and was wondering if we could have a poll and possibly a drop for that watch. Let me know what you think. The Urban Gentry has a couple videos on their watches on his YouTube channel.
Hope to hear from you all soon
(Ps I am in no way affiliated to that company)
Piergiovanni Marzinotto and StainlessOnly

You know, these are terrific looking pieces, and they do seem to have very nice feature sets. I am not the best guy in the room to talk Micros though frankly. I like supporting upstart businesses, and appreciate the efforts and innovations that are explored. Stratons first release, the Curve chrono has the best aesthetics to me, and the subsequent releases seem like they are trying bit too hard. I also likes the original logo "S" instead of the whole name, or tone down the boldness of the fonts a bit. Those are all minor gripes though, I think these would be a nice addition to some of the Micro drops MD has offered in the past.
Agreed, I also prefer the curve by far. Not sure how to get MD to look into it though?
Create a poll. MD I think still uses the polls system to help gauge the interest of a community on that particular product.