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MODUCO - Swiss made industrial inspired watches

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If watches were fonts, this one would be a Futura Bold. Geometric, aesthetic, and damn near perfect, the MODUCO watch makes a strong statement thanks to its thick, dominant bezel that takes inspiration from an unlikely source… raw industrial piping!
The Swiss-made, American-designed MODUCO was designed to represent the duality of city life. Simple yet bold, raw but sophisticated. The watch’s body is dominated by a cylindrical pipe-shaped structure that cuts through the body of the watch, extruding out of the top as well as the bottom. Like a bold character, it guides one’s attention to the watch itself, and then to the time within it. That circle and the way it cuts through the watch becomes a strong symbol of the watch itself. Look at the watch face and you even see the markings and Roman numerals following the same bold, extruded trend. They’re simple, yet striking.

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