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Word Processor / Typewriter Key Switches and Keycaps

Does anyone else here have a interest in old electronic word processors?
Today I just picked up a Panasonic KX-E700m from around 1987. If you're interested in what it is like, I just found this youtube video talking about this very model:

But what I was personally very curious to see was the switches and key caps... which turned out to be kinda interesting.

The keys themselves have a pretty short travel distance, to facilitate speed typing I suppose. But I haven't seen switches like these before.. anyone else know anything specific about them?

The keycaps appear to be doubleshot, and even look like they might be cherry mx compatible. I'll have to test that later.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share as I thought it was interesting. I'll probably be typing some letters out on this thing later. ;)

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Those switches look like ALPS SKCC Green, for more information check out the Deskthority wiki and forum.
By golly, it does look just like that. Thanks for the pointer!
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