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Mouse-pad/mat preservation techniques..?

A dear homie of mine generously gifted me a personalized mouse mat, which is themed after a certain 'soon™'-ish *cough* *cough* to ship keycap set and I think it's heck'n awesome.
(Potato quality pictured, and yes I am enjoying a glass of Pepsi whilst I dictate this.)
My only issue is, I am worried about the sides coming up similar to what my old ones have already started doing. I really don't want that to happen to this one.
(FWIW this is the material layers)
I had originally intended to dust off my wife's sewing machine, and after practicing on a few of my other mouse mats, trying my hand at maybe doing a fun themed border around the outside to help hold the fabric down. My wife was hesitant to suggest that and alternatively prescribed clear nail polish and/or superglue around the edges. So I figured, why not see what other people have done.

What does the community suggest/think?

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